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Just reading the title, it’s evident that airsoft guns are becoming the next big thing, applicable to sports, gaming, defence, and now the movie industry. Popular movies such as Terminator 2, Salt, Green Zone, and most recently, the film “Rust,” among others, featured the use of these guns.

Likewise, for action movie lovers, the James Bond film Skyfall is also highly rated among the top movies. An enthralling drama with high-intensity fight scenes and a fantastic gun shooting spree. As in the previous series, this movie is filled with a deadly mix of explosive action thrillers and unflinching, unpredictable scenes.

All of these guns featured in the film are available as Airsoft Guns at Just BB Guns.

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DISCLAIMER: the guns shown on this page are not replicas and are not associated with the manufacturer or brand of the original guns featured in the film, TV show or video game. They are, however, a very good likeness and are 6mm airsoft guns, please see terms and conditions to purchase from this website.

Even though the film did not feature airsoft guns, don’t worry; you can still pretend you’re James Bond with an airsoft gun and your favourite Bond impression! So in this guide, we will walk you through some of the most realistic airsoft gun look-alikes of firearms used in this action-packed movie. Read along!


   1. Walther PPK Series Pistol 

Taking inspiration from the Walther PPK, the PPK airsoft gun is designed after the German police pistol of the same name. From the onset of the James Bond series, from the first film of the series “Dr. No” to others like “Tomorrow Never Dies” up to “Skyfall” and the series after it, the PPK series pistol was always featured.

So what features make it a special gun? Besides being the go-to weapon of choice for a secret agent, it also looks cool when you “draw” it from your pocket! Furthermore, this rifle’s reliability, versatility, and compact design make it convenient to shoot and ideal for CCW. All these features and more are also available in the airsoft lookalike model. It is a low-cost pistol with a mock silencer, and gas is inserted into it, giving it a small magazine.

If you are looking for a pretty airsoft gun to handle just like Daniel Craig does in Skyfall, pick any of these PPK series lookalikes (link). You can pretend to be a spy, and no one will know the difference! Unless, of course, you get shot with a Nerf gun. The Walther PPK remains the most popular gun in the movie series, apart from being the pistol assigned to Bond by his boss in Skyfall. This is also because it is the only gun used by all protagonists who have ever played the James Bond role.

   2. Glock 17

Several scenes feature the use of the Glock 17 in the movie. You will see a Glock 17 with Bond when he takes Silva into custody after neutralizing attacks from his bodyguards. Also several of Silva’s accomplices used the Glock 17 during the inquiry board shootout disguised as police officers.

So if you need an airsoft lookalike of the Glock 17, you can check out the WE Glock 17 gas airsoft pistol. It works similarly to the Glock 17, except that it does not fire real bullets.

The G17 gas airsoft pistol is a full-sized gas-powered blowback gun (link) that boasts a semi-automatic gas blowback system and interchangeable backstraps to fit different hand sizes. Furthermore, it features a specially designed GEN3 frame that allows for extended magazine release and will enable grips to fit perfectly in the shooter’s hand.

We’ve got some Glock 17 pistol holsters here if you need one.

   3. Glock 18

This airsoft pistol lookalike comes with a select fire option at the slide’s rear, akin to the Glock 18 design. Plus, it allows switching between semi-automatic and full-automatic firing modes. However, here, the standard mag capacity is 24+1 rounds.

This is unlike the Glock 18 real firearm that features 19 rounds standard and a series of alternative options such as 17/24/31/33 rounds.

Additionally, the airsoft pistol comes with three replaceable back straps to alter the size of the grips for comfort. The trigger is also a two-stage trigger, just like the Glock 18. So if you enjoyed the Patrice scene in the movie, when he engaged in a shootout against Bond and Eve in Turkey, then this is the airsoft gun you need to portray the Patrice character.

Pistol Carbine Kit For the Glock 18 is available here.


   4. Heckler and Koch HK416 D10RS

Silva’s henchmen used this gun in the movie during the attack on the Skyfall lodge. And also by Bond in the same scene after disarming the bodyguards.

Its airsoft lookalike is equipped with a drop-free shoot-feed magazine of 36 BBs in the feeding portion and 500 BBs in the main reserve. Talk about a lot of firepower…

In addition, the rifle is powered by CO2 and allows for fast and easy reloads. For lovers of aftermarket accessories, the gun has many Picatinny rails to attach optics and other accessories. Plus, it also includes flip-up sights, allowing you to gain better accuracy while aiming.

   5. Heckler and Koch G36

You could see SCO 19 officers armed with Heckler and Koch G36 rifles in the movie. This gun is a favorite choice in almost all high-class movies.

It has been featured in Terminator Salvation, Resident Evil, The Dark Knight Rises, Iron Man, and many more films. Fortunately, its airsoft lookalike is a replica of this modern German rifle. They are available in many varieties, each offering a different level of firepower.

Nonetheless, all of the types boast high-precision engineering and very realistic functionality.


In the movie, this gun only appeared once when Patrice assassinated a target in Shanghai. It was a custom bolt-action suppressed sniper rifle. Lookalike airsoft sniper rifles are also available on the market. They are low-cost, high-quality rifles with bolt action, just like the one in the movie. They come in various designs to fit your needs.


   6. Browning M2HB

This heavy machine gun was used at the tail end of the movie when Silva’s henchmen mounted it on a helicopter to shoot up Skyfall Lodge.

It’s like they say when in doubt, bring out the big guns! If you are a fan of machine guns, there are varieties of similar models to the ones used in the movie, such as the Vulcan minigun and cyber gun F1 Famas.

These all offer a realistic experience similar to carrying a Browning M2HB.


If you are a die-hard James Bond fan, you can purchase an airsoft replica of any weapon used in the movie as they depict first-person experiences in real life. We have sourced outstanding options for any gun of your choice. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding any airsoft guns and products. Contact us via [email protected].


You can see our full range of airsoft guns and BB Guns on the Just BB Guns website. We also have many outstanding high-quality BBs and airsoft accessories, all at great low prices.

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