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the shot show 2023
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With the disappointment of the 2021 Shot Show being cancelled, I was right up for this year’s Shot Show in Las Vegas. This Shot Show 2023 Review is not going to be a standard post of the latest and coolest Airsoft Guns from the show instead focuses more on our experiences alongside some of the cool stuff we ordered from the show to be with us in the next few months. So, let’s jump straight in: we arrived in Las Vegas on Jan 17th, and it was not long before the US team arrived from our store in Dallas, Texas. We then all headed over to the Cosmopolitan Hotel on the main strip located next to the Bellagio. I can recommend The Cosmopolitan Of Las Vegas — it is very central, with cabs and Ubers on hand 24/7. The weather was cold, and the show was hot… plus an average of 18,000 steps a day, and I still think we did not see everything. The Shot Show is definitely the largest gun show in the world!

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Shot Show 2023

OK, enough rubbish. Let’s jump into some of the best brands that were at the show, in my opinion!

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Glock was probably one of the biggest stands at the show!

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Winchester was amazing. We offer their air rifles on our other website: Just Air Guns UK.

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Magpul was interesting, with many tactical accessories and upgrades compatible with both the real steel and their airsoft equivalents, with a bit of work.

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KWA was happy to see us and has agreed to a long-term distribution partnership for the UK — products listed on this blog…

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So let’s look at Airsoft Guns and Airsoft Accessories that are not currently stocked on Just BB Guns UK… and what we now have on order from the show.

The full range of the new PDW Airsoft Guns is now on order.

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Springfield XDM Blowback Airsoft Pistols are now on order.

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Valkan AEGs are now on order for the UK, obviously without the orange tips.

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Umarex has two new models that they are pushing this year, a PTW and a Collector’s Revolver; we hope to have them both soon.

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Cybergun had a few nice bits… top of my list was a new gas airsoft grenade that is now on order.

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Other interesting stuff if you love guns…

Collectors AK47 – not a popular choice at this time!

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I don’t think this is Airsoft… lol

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In conclusion: the 2023 show was very big, with lots of real steel, lots of air guns, and not much airsoft but more than enough to make the trip worthwhile. There were a few bits that I didn’t get a photo of, but I want to give a shout; EG Grenade.Co (Enola Gaye) had a nice stand and lots of nice giveaways! The Turkish companies we had the pleasure of meeting that were manufacturing quality accessories, guns and very nice cases. (Please note, the Shot Show is a trade show, and to visit, you must have documentation to show that you are in the gun industry).

To finish this blog, I personally would like to thank the USA team for taking great care of us and making this trip one to remember!

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So, for now, it’s goodbye to Las Vegas and the 2023 Shot Show.

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Blog Date: 27/01/2023
Blog Auther: Mark Watts (JBBG)

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