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A new year, a new Call of Duty game, and to our joy, we find ourselves revisiting the various battlefields of World War II. The unified narrative of Vanguard’s single-player campaign spans four different frontlines of World War II – focusing on the Pacific War, the Western and Eastern Fronts and the North African campaign. According to Sledgehammer Games’ narrative team, the single-player campaign will heavily emphasise introducing the player from multiple points of view to “the untold stories of multinational heroes”, revealing the origin of the special forces as they fight across the chaos of war in tide-turning battles.

The campaign’s characters include soldiers from Allied nations with different military service backgrounds who form Task Force One during the story’s events: Cameroonian-British paratrooper Sgt. Arthur Kingsley (Chiké Okonkwo) of the British Army 9th Parachute Battalion and leader of Task Force One, Soviet sniper Lt. Polina Petrova (Laura Bailey) of the Red Army 138th Rifle Division, American fighter pilot Lt. Wade Jackson (Derek Phillips) of the U.S. Navy Scouting Squadron 6, and Australian 2nd Lt. Lucas Riggs (Martin Copping) of the Australian Army 20th Battalion.

Coinciding with the release of Call of Duty Vanguard (not purposefully, but perhaps fatefully) is SRCs take on one of World War II’s most iconic firearms – the MP40. So what better way to channel your inner Call of Duty than by picking up one of the most iconic guns within the game?

mp40 call of duty vangard


Star Rainbow Company originally released their MP40 way back in 2009 without much fanfare. At the time, several models were on the market, and for whatever reason, WWII aficionados paid no attention to its release. Over time, however, airsofters began to realise just quite how good the SRC variant was, and now, 20 years on, SRC has re-released the MP40 with some changes that not only further cement its place as the best MP40s on the market but does so in style.

The SRC MP40 body is stamped with small WW2 type production Nazi markings and has a quality matte black finish. All receiver parts are stamped steel or castings. The bakelite finish is nice, but it needs some attention to make it look a bit more realistic. The stock is somewhat stiff when closing it down, but it is solid and does not wobble, unlike its competitors. Overall, the SRC MP40 looks and feels fantastic, and all assembled parts are snug and tight.

The SRC MP40 comes with four magazines – 1 hi-cap and three mid-caps. SRC claims the high-cap holds 280 6mm bbs. Loading the magazine is through the top trap door, similar to most high-cap magazines. Winding the magazine is challenging as the roller crank wheel sits too deeply into the magazine shell. The mid-caps are 110 round magazines and are loaded through a feeding tube.

The hop-up is a unique single metal unit. To adjust the hop-up, pull back on the bolt to expose the hop-up to adjust your MP40’s bb flight trajectory. Easy to do as long as you don’t have large fingers. Disassembly of the outer body to get to the gearbox is straightforward. First, remove the three screws in the bakelite grips. Next, two small Philips screws on each side of the motor mount and finally, the two screws located in front of the trigger guard. Next, remove the (3) screws from the left side, then separate the two halves. To remove the gearbox, remove the small Philips screws from both sides of the motor mount and the two located in front of the trigger guard.

A unique design of SRC’s MP40 model is the Electronic Blow-Back feature (EBB) which means when the gun fires, the cocking bolt moves back and forth like the real MP40. However, the best part of this gun is the parts you cannot see. The gearbox uses 8mm bearing bushings, MOSFET circuit controls and a long metal bearing type spring guide. The gearbox layout seems similar to the AGM design in layout, but the SRC gearbox is entirely new in design.

To add to a brilliant airsoft gun, the SR40 ‘luxury’ edition comes with a range of accessories. Not only is it packaged in a beautiful wooden box, but it also comes complete with two MP40 magazine pouches and a belt, allowing you to use the MP40 from the get-go.

The SR40 Luxury Edition is very much a limited edition piece, and we imagine these will fly out of the door, so make sure you get yours!

src mp40 airsoft gun

See the SR40 MP40 AEG Gen 3 Airsoft Gun SRC Here

See the SR40 MP40 Luxury Edition AEG Gen 3 Airsoft Gun SRC Here


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