Nuprol Maintenance Pt.2 

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nuprol mantanace kit 2
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Last month we set out exploring what exactly you can do with the Nuprol Maintenance Kit in regard to cleaning your AEG or GBB rifle. This month we’re looking purely towards the GBB market, focusing in on the variety of lubricants available and how they are best used. As always, if you’re unsure on any of the following tasks, we can only suggest to do thorough research! Remember, poor planning leads to poor performance! 

No matter how well you have cleaned your Airsoft Guns if you put it back together dry it’ll grind itself to death in no time. You NEED to replace the lubricants you find inside with some suitable stuff to make it work and to make it last. Of course, the guys at Nuprol know this all well enough and the kit contains more than one type of quality lube.

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Plastic Lubricant Oil

Nuprol Plastic Lubricant Oil is a fine silicone spray in an aerosol can. It’s one of the most versatile lubricants you’ll encounter and we dare say this will be the one item you run out of soonest. You should NEVER use WD-40 or similar in an airsoft gun because although it has a fine oil in it, it’s so light it essentially evaporates and actually acts as a degreaser. Silicone spray might seem similar but it’s doesn’t evaporate but instead leaves a film behind that is ideal for lubricating plastic parts. You can use it to free up sticky gas valves or gas-blowback chambers and the can comes with a wide spray just or a fine tube you can connect to direct the oil into a more precise location.

Silicone Grease

It’s a similar compound to the Silicone Oil but this grease is thicker and great for creating a solid airseal. We use silicone grease on O-rings and any rubber parts. Not only does it ensure that the parts slide over each other freely, it actually stops them from perishing or hardening which will cause them to crack and fail. A fine coating of a little silicone grease goes a huge way to ensuring your hop rubber and barrel slots into the hop unit without any trouble too, plus it often improves your airseal. You’ll go through a fair bit of silicone grease if you service guns regularly, but you don’t need to use great quantities of it in anyone go. A little goes a long way so thankfully Nuprol package their grease in an easy-applicator tube… It’s not as much like haemorrhoids medication as that makes it sound, we promise.

PTFE Grease

Not using silicone grease to lubricate that part? You are probably using PTFE grease then, which is awesome for metal on metal contacts. Teflon, which is a type of PTFE is what we use on frying pans to stop our bacon sticking and it’s also great for gears and other airsoft applications. PTFE grease is naturally water-resistant so won’t wash off if your gun, say a pistol or GBBR, gets a bit wet so you can enjoy an optimal performance in all weathers! Again, much like the silicone grease, a little goes a long way so Nuprol PTFE Grease comes in a handy and accurate nozzled tube.

Bearing Oil

The bearings the gears spin on in an AEG are a critical point of friction. The less friction your bearings generate, the greater your trigger response, rate of fire and battery life will be. Most bearings come packed in a thick grease as part of the assembly process. This can be blasted out with a quick spray of Oil Remover and then replace with Nuprol Bearing Oil. This much finer oil will allow the tiny ball bearings to spin without hindrance and in some cases, will give you noticeable increases in the rate of fire of your gun on any given battery.

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