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Welcome to Mark’s Top Picks! In this blog, let’s look at the NEW HG184 gas blowback airsoft pistol. HFC is an instantly recognisable name in the world of airsoft. When most players think of airsoft guns, they think of HFC Airsoft. Designing and manufacturing BB guns that are cheap enough for the beginner and casual player but with the build quality of a pistol or sidearm twice the price. HFC Airsoft has proven repeatedly why they are one of the standard choices when it comes to choosing an airsoft gun.

This HG184 gas blowback airsoft pistol from HFC is developed on the Glock style platform with a synthetic grip and bottom receiver and an ABS top slide. The ABS top slide choice gives many advantages over a full metal top slide, including; less lubricating, better in cold weather, hard blowback, fast recoil, lighter to be more reactive. This pistol is constructed to be a very durable sidearm and at the same time offer a low-cost alternative to many same style pistols in the market today. But wait a minute, the top slide is like nothing you have seen before, yes it has the same footprint as standard style pistols but it has a 50% split down the top slide with a reduced size top half making this pistol stand out.

The pistol features a gas blowback system to simulate the recoil and offer a more realistic experience. This pistol comes fitted with square sights with white dots and a rectangular body, making it the perfect choice for quick target acquisition when on the playing field, allowing the user to simply line up the pistol with their field of view until only the rectangular back profile and the white dot of the slide can be seen.

The pistol features a specially designed frame that allows the grip to fit well in the player’s hand. The grip also features a stipple-like textured effect making the pistol easier to hold when wearing gloves. The frame of the pistol also features an extended magazine release making it easier to find under fire and making it easier to release the magazine from the pistol.

This outstanding pistol also comes with a FREE pistol hard case, allowing you to keep it safe and dust-free when not in use. This is the perfect sidearm for any airsoft player, allowing you to quickly and effectively protect yourself from any threat should your main weapon go down or the enemy engages you in a CQB environment. It is also the perfect pistol for all gun collectors or target shooters.

hfc airsoft pistol hg184 jbbg bb guns


  • Part of HFC’s Pistol Range
  • Gas Blowback Pistol
  • Full Metal Gas Magazine
  • 24 Rounds
  • Semi-Automatic Firing
  • Black Gas Nozzle
  • Two-Stage Safety Trigger
  • Trigger-Lock
  • Front Lower Pistol Rail
  • Square Sights with White Dots
  • Large Magazine Release
  • Textured Grip
  • Hop-Up System
  • Compatible with Green Airsoft Gas
  • Size (l.W.H) 200 X 138 X 30 Mm
  • Weight 594g
  • FREE Pistol Hard Case


This pistol is what is known as a sportline airsoft gun, designed to be lighter and more agile than a full metal pistol but with the same power and performance. In the UK I prefer polymer and ABS constructed airsoft guns and pistols as they can still operate in the cold weather without time sent on lubricating the slide and internal parts. If you are new to airsoft then it may be worth your time taking a look at this pistol in one of the Just BB Guns bundle set offers that features this pistol – Bundle Offer Hg184 Gas Airsoft Pistol.

hg184 airsoft pistol

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