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Now in stock at Just BB Guns, Enola Gaye airsoft grenade products! Enola Gaye is a world-famous UK based company that specializes in creating amazing pyrotechnics specifically designed for use in airsoft. All of their products are designed in house by the Enola Gaye team of experts to deliver unrivalled quality and performance.

In the last week, Just BB Guns has received a shipment containing 3 awesome new products from the team over at Enola Gaye. The good news doesn’t stop there, Just BB Guns is now able to deliver these amazing Enola Gaye airsoft grenades directly to your door. The first of the Enola Gaye products is their world-famous Wire Pull WP40 smoke grenades. These smoke grenades are classed as a P1 pyrotechnic in Europe, meaning you require no formal training to use them, just read the instructions and go! The WP40 smoke grenades offer a large cloud size and a very long duration, making them an impressive tool in airsoft games.

The next new airsoft pyrotechnic is the MK5 Thunderflash. When thrown the Thunderflash offers a loud high pitched noise effect serving as an incredible distraction and diversion tool, perfect for surprising your enemy with rush or flank tactics. The MK5 Thunderflash gives off a louder noise than most other airsoft distraction tools on the market.

Lastly, we have the Enola Gaye Field Frag BB Grenade. This is the perfect tool for adding excitement to an airsoft game. 5 seconds after striking the fuse the Frag Grenade will explode resulting in a clay BB pellet spread of about 10 meters. The clay pellets are densely packed meaning there is no avoiding the spray. Know where your enemies are camped? Throw one of these in and watch the show.

Don’t forget Just BB Guns can now ship these awesome Enola Gaye products direct to your door. Order yours in time for your next airsoft skirmish, plus don’t forget your airsoft guns!

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