Just BB Guns is Proud to Announce Their Sponsorship of T.A.C.T FLIX

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Just BB Guns is proud to announce the sponsorship of the famed film-industry collaborator, T.A.C.T FLIX. Need weapon skills and safety awareness training for an action scene? Actors don’t know how to hold a weapon? Looking to handle blank-firing guns on set safely? T.A.C.T FLIX — that stands for offer Tactical Action Combat Training — offer tactical training courses facilitated by ex-British Army soldiers and other operatives who have served under real-world pressures. This includes everything from realistic weapon handling to military hand signals to the safe usage of blank guns on set. Trusted by the industry’s leading film armourers, T.A.C.T FLIX built its name by offering some of the best courses in the nation — so it only makes sense that they know about all the best gear to match.

You can see our full range of Airsoft Guns on the Just BB Guns website. We also have many outstanding high-quality BBs and airsoft accessories, all at great low prices.

To see more about T.A.C.T FLIX please see their website at www.tactflix.com

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