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This year I spent all four days at the IWA show in Germany, the two days last year just wasn’t enough time for me. The extra time, this year meant that I could take my time across the show and look at more products in more detail.

This year the show was bigger – with more halls, more stands and more new products. With Airsoft Guns being my main focus, I couldn’t help but notice the new products from leading gun manufacturers, and especially the new tactical rifles and skeleton pistols, that will be cloned for Airsoft over the next two to three years.

One big thing for me is the amount of Airsoft at the show and the invasion of Chinese manufacturers closing in on our beloved Taiwanese companies. Before, they only produced low-end spring guns, but this year they had a large selection of full metal, gen2 and gen3 AEGs and it even looks like they have got their Quality Assurance in place, sadly lacking in the past. But only time will tell…

So let’s kick off with some of our old friends…

HFC had a great looking stand with all of the outstanding Airsoft pistols we love and have in stock at JBBG. They also had a few new products that will be available soon. It was great to finally meet Sindy after months of working together. HFC is definitely up there with the leading manufacturers in Airsoft!

HFC also revealed a new pirate CO2 pistol that may be interesting to gun collectors; we will support HFC in this new concept and understand they are pushing the boundaries of Airsoft, however, I don’t feel it will be of interest to any hardcore Airsofter.

SRC had a large stand with lots of the products now available at JBBG, however, there were a number of new AEG guns that blew my mind – everyone knows I love a sport-line gun, as long as it has no flex and is created from durable polymer with a good quality gearbox and internal parts.

These 2 new models, as yet unnamed, are about to set a new standard in Airsoft today. We now have them on pre-order and as soon as they are in production we will get them in stock, and I for one can not wait!

NUPROL had 2 stands at the show and displayed many of their own products together with a selection of G&G guns, due to the fact that they are now the G&G distributors for the UK.

A product of interest for me was the G&G ARP 556 AEG, an outstanding CQB that is in short supply and hard to get your hands on. The Raven pistols are also something worth taking a look at – great quality and at an affordable price, and I think a strong offering from one of the leading Airsoft brands.

King Arms is one of the most respected of Airsoft brands and they never fail to disappoint; the same stand for the last three years but who can blame them?

However, most of the gun models were new or had been upgraded. The new KeyMod Sport blew my mind, I love the KA red trigger and mag catch and release, plus the one piece top rail and not forgetting the extended stock to enable a larger battery case at the rear.

There was one pistol that stood out for me, the Predator Tactical Iron Shrike 1911 Rail in both black and silver. This is a pistol that will stop anyone in their tracks. Great looking and excellent performer to match – now on order and should be in stock soon. There was only one sniper on the stand for me, the MDT TAC21 Tactical Rail Dark Earth Limited Edition – this bad boy is gas powered and is one big beautiful hunk of CNC sniper rifle!

Classic Army, another name that is well respected in Airsoft.

Most recently they are making a name for the micro minigun that we have in stock, however, things just got better – released at the show was a stand set to make this outstanding gun a fixed asset with new rear grips and firing push button, flash hider, top rail system, plus swivel stand. It’s great and looks impressive (if not a bit expensive!).

I was also impressed with their new Fast Attack rifles in either full metal or sport-line polymer, all have the standard CA gearbox and internals, plus are great value for money. We will have all eight models in stock soon. If you’re looking for something a bit different, what about the PP19-2 Bizon with 800 round magazine, great for CQB, if not a bit of an unfair advantage.

And what was the most talked about product at the show regarding Airsoft? The new DT-4 PROLINE, not just two guns strapped together, but a beast of a gun with 2 barrels, 2 mags, 1 trigger, 1 gearbox and 1 battery. It’s never been done before, but it was turning heads all over the show. Be prepared, it’s not cheap so start saving your cash now!

News from the show about Glock – we were all aware that something was about to happen last year regarding Glock as many Airsoft retailers have received letters from the company asking for any clone pistols and the word Glock to be removed from their websites. So at this year’s show, Umarex was promoting the fact that they now hold the licence for Glock in regard to Airsoft and Airguns, with distribution worldwide through a number of distributors. Here are the pistols on the Cybergun stand, as I believe they have the distribution rights in France. The pistols look great and are fully branded and we hope to have them in stock soon.

It was a great show this year with more focus on Airsoft, with lots of new products and brands.  Feeling a bit weird about the quality of some products from China but we will try our samples and report back. The issue for me is what to order first and how quickly can we get our hands on them. I loved every minute of the show and am already looking forward to the next year’s event.

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