HPA Systems for Airsoft Part-2

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hpa airsoft gun system 2
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In our last blog, we took a look at what HPA systems are, how they compare to more traditional AEGs, and the pros and cons of platforms that utilise HPA as their power source. However, one of the biggest concerns that most airsofters have in regard to ditching their beloved AEG for a HPA system is usually related to cost. Looking at Polarstar HPA systems for example, you’re looking at a hefty outlay, IRO £800. That figure is also not taking into account that you need a donor rifle to turn into a HPA system. Not exactly pocket change! However, do bare in mind that Polarstar products are very much seen as the gold standard in HPA, similar to products from brands such as Systema, so you’re definitely paying a premium for their product.

However, with that said, HPA doesn’t have to be expensive and JBBG has what you need for all your BB Guns and Airsoft Guns. In fact, if you already have a Gas Blowback rifle, there are some inexpensive ways to achieve a HPA system. Now, being based in the UK presents some age-old problems for Gas Blowback systems, namely related to temperature. While the platform has improved over time, Gas Blowback rifles struggle with the cold, and inevitably you end up not being able to use it throughout the winter months. HPA systems change this.

One such way of achieving an inexpensive HPA system is through WE’s brilliant HPA conversion system. The WE HPA system is broken into three composite parts – an adaptor, hose and air regulator, and provides the user with an inexpensive way of converting ANY WE Gas Blowback product into a HPA product. This includes anything from M4s and AK-47s, through to WE’s extensive range of Gas Blowback pistols, providing the fill valve is not covered when the magazines are loaded into the rifle or pistol. Now personally, we’ve never had any issues with WE pistols in regard to temperature issues, however we have with their rifles, meaning this system is perfect for those who want to be able to use their Gas Blowback rifles all year round!

The system is somewhat simple. The his WE HPA Valve replaces the standard gas mag valve with a QD connector for an HPA tank; it’s perfect for situations where running gas isn’t always practical. Having an HPA setup for your GBB rifle or pistol will provide increased consistency, accuracy, ease of cleaning, and the opportunity to play in situations where gas doesn’t always perform the way you want it to. Following that, the hose attaches to the HPA Valve, which in turn fits into the air regulator. This regulator then attaches to your HPA tank, providing you with a full HPA system.

WE’s HPA conversion system offers a very cost effective way to convert any WE Gas Blowback into a HPA system, allowing you to enjoy your rifle all year round. Even better, due to the way the system works, should you wish to make use of your Gas Blowback as normal in warmer weathers, you can; something other HPA systems simply do not offer due to them often utilising a new gearbox to transform the rifle. However, with that said, having tested the WE conversion system, we get a feeling you won’t want to go back. Why you ask? Well the performance is ridiculously good. If we’re honest, it performs leaps and bounds better than most Gas Blowback systems we’ve used in the past (the outlier being TMs new range of Gas Blowback products), and opens a whole range of opportunity to make use of a gas-based system the whole year round.

Now obviously, like all things, the system has a few pitfalls. Personally we’re yet to get used to the idea of a hose constantly being attached to a magazine, and unlike other HPA systems, you’ll need to buy a range of magazine adaptors for reloads. This also presents another issue in the fact that you’ll have to re-attach the hose each time you make a magazine change. Now, this isn’t the most fiddly thing to do, but it does add time to reloading, which in the heat of a firefight can somewhat detract from realism. That said, if you can get past this and want a HPA system for a fraction of the price, the WE HPA system is definitely what we would recommend to look at!


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