How To Become UKARA Registered and The Benefits

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How To Become UKARA Registered and The Benefits
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How To Become
UKARA Registered and
The Benefits

The acronym UKARA stands for ‘United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association’. Getting a membership is a reasonably straightforward process, but there are some requirements. You need to take part in a minimum of 3 Airsoft games at a single registered UKARA site during a 2-month period. You must live in the UK and be at least 18 years old, and you have to provide 2 forms of identification during your application. The majority of game sites in the UK have a UKARA registration, and if you are uncertain about a site then you should be able to check online easily. The UKARA registration form is quite easy to fill out, and it can be downloaded online.


It does not cost anything to register with UKARA. Once you meet the criteria mentioned above, you can fill out the application form and send it off. The two-month period mentioned amounts to 56 days, rather than two calendar months. This means you must take part in the 3 games at your chosen UKARA site over a 56-day period. The identification you must provide can include 2 of the following:

Drivers license (full or provisional)
A valid UK passport
Bank statement

In essence, this means 1 photo ID that includes your date of birth, and 1 ID document that proves your home address. Once you download the form, you must print it and fill it out clearly before submitting it at your game site for validation. There is no option to submit the form online as yet, so keep this in mind as you prepare your application.

Bear in mind the following

There are various things you should remember when using Airsoft weapons to ensure you are being safe and responsible:

1. Wear eye protection at all times when using your guns.
2. Never fire at an animal under any circumstances.
3. Never fire at a person without their consent, as this could amount to common assault and/or actual bodily harm.

If you damage someone else’s property by shooting at it intentionally or recklessly, you could be guilty of criminal damage.

What are the benefits of UKARA membership?

The most important benefit of being a member of UKARA is that it enables you to purchase a Realistic Imitation Firearm (RIF)

These airsoft guns are specially designed to look almost indistinguishable from their live-fire weapon counterparts. What’s more, if you are already in possession of a two-tone airsoft weapon, you will be permitted to paint it yourself to look like a real firearm. Finally, you will have permission to sell any RIFs you do own, though only to another individual who has a full UKARA membership. Owning an RIF can help make the competitive airsoft experience feel more like an authentic combat scenario, and you can’t be an elite player without full UKARA membership and ownership of your own RIF.

Why get a UKARA membership?

If you aren’t a UKARA member and you were to paint your two-tone airsoft guns to make them look real, you would actually be committing a criminal offence. It would also be illegal for anyone to sell you BB guns that are real imitation firearms. Without the UKARA membership, you can still purchase and own two tone airsoft guns, but this means that 50% of the weapon’s body must be painted in a bright colour. The purpose of this is to visually distinguish it from real weapons so that it isn’t a full imitation.

Never carry your replica in a town/city, regardless of whether or not it can fire bullets. You will be arrested and potentially dealt with by an armed police unit. Always remember to keep your guns concealed when you travel with them or carry them in public. Under no circumstances should you uncover your gun or shoot it in a public space.

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