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Airsoft Guns for Films
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It’s no new news that airsoft guns have gained popularity, especially in the movie industry. Airsoft Guns are now the go-to option for filmmakers due to their low cost. Plus, they replicate real firearms and military scenarios. The military and law enforcement agencies use them for the same reason.

So if you are thinking about getting one for film production or a sporting event, then you probably have a lot of thoughts in your head about what kind would fit your plans, or perhaps you are even a first-timer and learning about how airsoft guns are used in films. First things first, what kind of gun are you looking for? Is it rifles, pistols, grenade launchers, or others? In this article, you will learn about various types of airsoft guns that are popular in the film production industry and used in famous movies. Now let’s get down to business.

Before we move on, you might want to take a look at some movies where airsoft guns were used, so if you are still in doubt about how effective they are in film-making. It is also important to know the laws regarding airsoft guns in film production.

  • Green Zone – M16A4 with an M203 Grenade launcher, CAR-15s.
  • The kingdom —- Tokyo Marui Sig 552.
  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day – Winchester 1887.
  • Salt — P229 KJW.
  • The walking dead — Walther PP9, Colt Pythons, and Accuracy International PMS.
  • Resident Evil —- Tokyo Marui pistol

Now you realize how popular these guns have been since the 80s and 90s. At least now we know why films in the 80s were so cool and stylish! So let’s proceed and check out some of the popular ones that are used in films generally.


The following videos are great examples of how to make your guns look like the real thing on camera plus how to simply create a stunning firing effect in after effects.


1.   Glass Blowback Rifles And Pistols

They have been long favourites on film sets and in all types of movies, as they offer the most realistic look-alike operation of real firearms available on the market. It features flawless moving slides and bolt carriers that closely mimic a real gun’s operation. In scenes when the actors must indicate an empty magazine or where the guns need to be cocked, this reality show truly stands out. It provides the ultimate shooting experience. You get to hear that metal-to-metal cocking sound that’s expected from a real firearm when unloaded. Plus the reactions a real gun displays such as the locked slide, open and empty chamber show the gun is empty.

Similarly, just as real firearms release hot gas when shot, blowback rifles produce a cloud of vapour from the muzzle and chamber to simulate the operation of a real steel firearm.

Due to all these excellent features, you will find them used in films like Iron Man 3 and also 28 weeks later. This is a movie that takes us back to the zombie era. Troops of soldiers were holding rifles in the shape of M4Als, which is an airsoft gun branded as the Colt MAA1 CQRB RIS AEG Airsoft. Additionally, in the film, Salt, Angelina Jolie the protagonist used a Taurus PT92 Blowback Airsoft pistol.

Check out the Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistols we have here.

2.   Pump Action Double Barrel Shotguns

Similar to glass blowback rifles, double barrel shotguns also provide that metal clanking sound when pumped. It comes with a realistic audio sound that needs no editing during post-production. Viewers get to feel that realistic view obtained using a real shotgun.

Also, the double barrel shotguns can be disassembled and reassembled easily. Its operation is identical to filming with a real firearm. For instance, in the 1985 action blockbuster Commando, Arnold Schwarzenegger played the lead role. A former Delta Force commander, John Matrix, which was his stage name, needed to save his kidnapped daughter from a gang of mercenaries. A part of the number of guns used in the program was a Remington 870 shotgun lookalike gun. This gun was replicated as an airsoft gun called the Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical Gas shotgun used in various movies.

3.   Grenade Launchers

The only possible difference you get between an airsoft grenade launcher and a conventional firearm is possibly how loud the gas pops off the muzzle. This can be corrected during post-production edits, so viewers would always think it’s the real deal being used. The airsoft grenade launchers are almost identical in design and operation to real grenade launchers even in functionality. If you check the 2010 war movie, Green Zone, most of the guns featured in the film were airsoft guns. For example, the M203 grenade launcher is shown in the opening scene. Also in the punisher, a film starring Frank Castle AKA The Punisher used a Madbull AGX grenade launcher to wipe out enemies from the cities. It was an airsoft gun, but I’m sure many of the viewers never noticed due to how realistic it depicted a real grenade launcher.

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Airsoft guns are the game changer when it comes to props in the movie industry, from being weapons meant for gaming or hobby sports to the real deal. You will find them being used in many hit movies nowadays. In the movie industry, airsoft firearms such as airsoft revolvers and assault rifles are expected to join the revamp as producers look to play it safer by using them rather than real firearms in movies such as “Agent of Shield” and “The Rookie” and many more. To learn more about the latest airsoft guns visit our blogs for more information.


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