G&G Femme Fatale Series Now in Stock!

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Femme Fatale Series Now in Stock… If you have visited Just BB Guns for some time now, you may be familiar with the G&G FF16 which is part of the G&G Femme Fatale airsoft gun range. This became one of our best selling rifles, most likely due to its unique looks. We now have an expanded range if G&G Femme Fatale rifles in stock. Don’t be fooled by the exteriors of these rifles, they can pack some serious punch.

The highlight of these new rifles has got to be the G&G FF26. This is a special edition pink version of G&G’s GR26, a very impressive airsoft rifle with amazing performance and looks. The rifle is very easy to shoot and hold comfortably, this is due to the adjustable sliding stock. The rifle also features a high torque long type motor, full metal gearbox, high-capacity 450 Rd magazine, and a shot velocity of about 360 fps (using .20g BBs). A 11.1v LiPo is recommended for this rifle, anything less won’t fully take advantage of this rifle’s performance.

Overall, the FF26 is an absolutely fantastic and unique airsoft rifle. You won’t find anything else like it! Check out the rest of the G&G Femme Fatale range, and many other amazing Airsoft Guns over at Just BB Guns.

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