Skirmishing with Bulldog Airsoft

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Bulldog pellets for airsoft have nearly dominated the BB pellet market and have been the top-selling BB pellet manufacturer at Just BB Guns for quite a while now. Bulldog pellets offer amazing value with great quality when compared to some other airsoft pellet manufacturers. This outstanding value is most likely why they have been so popular. We have seen them be used for both casual back-garden plinking and the most hardcore airsoft mil-sim skirmishes. Some believe that Bulldog airsoft pellets are not suitable for skirmishing, but the truth is thousands are already using them right now for that very purpose.

Bulldog Airsoft recently partnered up with well-known airsoft manufacturer SRC to create Bulldog’s range of airsoft guns. Like Bulldog’s range of pellets, the Bulldog airsoft rifles have proven to be extremely popular. They are widely considered to be one of the easiest and cheapest ways to enter into the world of airsoft skirmishing. Very recently Just BB Guns received V3 of the Bulldog M4 and AK47 airsoft rifles. Improvements include a new reinforced gearbox and a number of cosmetic improvements. These Bulldog airsoft rifles now outclass some airsoft rifles that cost double the price!

Check out the image of the chronograph above showing the results from a new V3 Bulldog Airsoft M4 rifle shooting standard V3 Bulldog Airsoft .20 pellets. The M4 is being powered with a standard Bulldog 7.4v airsoft battery. As you can see the fps rating is perfect for UK airsoft sites (limit being 330-340 feet per second). Not only are these results at an almost perfect power rating, the results are consistent. This means it can deliver the perfect power rating almost every time! We also see the same range of results with the other rifles in the Bulldog Airsoft range, including the V3 Bulldog AK47 range.

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