Bulldog Falcon W-QD AEG

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Bulldog Falcon W QD AEG
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Airsoft has come a long way in the last decade. Entry-level rifles have improved drastically, with a plethora of manufacturers realising the need to produce cheap products that withstand the test of time. Long gone are the spring-powered rifles sold to beginners, and it could be said that cheaper entry-level products have paved the way for a new generation of airsofters to join the battle.

One manufacturer who has picked up on the necessity to bring new blood into airsoft is Bulldog. Created under license by legendary Taiwanese manufacturer Star Rainbow Company, Bulldog have been changing the game, creating a range of ‘sports line’ AEG Airsoft Guns that have really laid down the gauntlet to other manufacturers. It’s a rare sight to see an airsoft rifle packed with so many features for the price point Bulldog products are offered at, and in reality, it’s a brilliant thing for airsoft.

The Falcon W-QD fits the above criteria perfectly. Currently priced at £189.99 (sale price may have changed at time of reading), the Falcon W-QD is fashioned as a Personal Defence Weapon, or PDW. The PDW measures 720mm with the stock fully deployed, which, when put into perspective, means the Falcon is around 200mm shorter than the average M4, making it perfect for CQB usage.

Bulldog Falcon W QD AEG

The Falcon is dressed in a polymer upper and lower receiver, which vastly reduces the weight, an M-LOK handguard and an adjustable polymer stock. Furthermore, the Falcon comes equipped with an alloy flash hider that does not suffer from the polymer on polymer issues that arise when attempting to tighten or loosen the flash hider. Finally, completing the Falcon is a sound enhancer that sits snuggly over the flash hider.

True to its PDW form, the Falcon comes with a thin, 9mm magazine; however, Bulldog has been somewhat clever with the design to allow for normal M4 magazines to be used as well. This is achieved through an adaptor that sits in the rifle’s magazine well, which can be removed to make use of M4 magazines. That said, in our opinion, doing so detracts from the rifle’s unique property, in turn transforming the Falcon into yet another AR platform.

Under the hood, the Falcon incorporates the same brilliant build quality that we highlighted in the ST Delta M. First off, you get a full metal quick-change Generation 4 gearbox; the ‘quick-change’ referring to the ability to change the spring in a hurry. Nestling inside the gearbox, you’ll find a set of full steel gears along with 8mm Full CNC Bushing, a full steel toothed piston and an Aluminium cylinder head. If that’s not enough to impress, you also get a double chip MOS-FET, a high torque motor and an adjustable hop-up system.

With all things said, the Falcon W-QD is a brilliant entry-level rifle that will ensure you can jump onto the skirmish fear with the knowledge that you will not be outgunned by more seasoned airsofters. If you don’t trust our word, though, a number of reputable sources have reviewed the Falcon, with a full review available in Volume 17 Issue 11 of Airsoft International, available at www.ai-mag.com.

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