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Airsoft is a game usually within the format of a skirmish. A similar practice to paintballing airsoft offers a much higher level of tactics but without the “mess” without breaking the bank for the ammunition!

It is a real-life version of “Call of Duty” with replica guns that truly play the part. Virtually every well-known modern warfare gun is available in the form of an airsoft gun, from the latest guns used by the armed forces to replicas used to fight in World War 2, the choice is almost endless. Each gun fires an array of plastic BB’s at high speed; this can be from a fast firing automatic to the accuracy of a high powered sniper rifle. The games are usually organised and can be set scenarios to dedicated recon missions with a selection of adjectives.

Unlike paintballing, you can use any Airsoft Guns that takes your fancy. You can opt for a semi-automatic machine gun, a sidearm or shotgun the choice is entirely yours. It can be powered by spring, electric or even CO2 or Gas. Rules are set out by the clubs running the events with many sites having separate rulings for Sniper rifles, in regards to distance and rules of engagement, due to their accuracy and level of velocity, usually measured by FPS (feet per second)

The games usually rely on an honour system where players are required to raise their hands acknowledging that they have been shot. This system usually works well in most cases; however, there are always marshals in place to back this up and remove players not willing to abide by these rules.

Airsoft skirmishes are continually increasing in popularity with the term “Airsofters” now is a term referred to for players. Surprisingly there are not set ages, almost every walk of life are involved, male and female, however certain clubs observe a minimum age policy.

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