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Airsoft, like a number of hobbies, almost tries to constantly lure you into the world of custom work. Just like you might look at putting a new set of brakes on a bicycle or some new alloys on a car, airsoft is full of little DIY chores you can do with relative ease providing you have the right tools. Whether you want to tinker with the insides of your AEG for more performance or simply want to fiddle with the appearance of your trusted airsoft guns or even your low-end BB guns, you’re going to need a range of different tools to ensure you can perform the task at hand with little to no issues.

When looking towards airsoft tools, it’d be quite easy to simply think one set of tools will do the job, however, with the vast array of different modifications you can make to an airsoft gun, you’re going to want two separate toolkits – one for while you’re at games to fix any little issues during a day’s gaming and one for when you’re at home and want to take part in some bigger jobs.

While having a workshop kit to attack any more serious jobs you have in mind, nothing makes you quite as proficient with airsoft guns than having a field kit with you on skirmish days. If you’re somewhat adept at airsoft repairs, you’ll have a number of people asking you to tinker with something as the day goes on – obviously, ensure you’re capable of these jobs before undertaking them!

Field Toolkit

It doesn’t matter whether your choice of primary arm is a gas blowback, a conventional AEG, a PTW or something powered by a PolarStar Fusion Engine – at the end of the day, at some stage, you’re going to need some form of tool kit to deal with those little issues that pop up during a days skirmishing – and you need to be able to sort those problems out without having to lug a complete toolbox around the skirmishing field. So, to help you out, have a look at what we throw in our tactical gear in order to keep our guns up and running!


There are loads of good multi-tools out there from the likes of Gerber, Leatherman and SOG. But that doesn’t mean you need to spend the big bucks as there are also a number of clones and cheaper brands that will more than adequately do the job. However, we would suggest that you look for a multi-tool with the following features, at the bare minimum:

  • Pliers (needle-nosed)
  • Wire cutters
  • Various screwdrivers
  • Folding scissors
  • A blade of some sort

It should also be noted that some manufacturers also provide useful add-ons for their multi-tools such as Leatherman’s adapter that enables you to use any ¼” bit you want to (you’ll need to work out exactly which ones your various Airsoft guns will need!)

Allen keys

Given how many Airsoft guns use Allen headed machine screws it’s worth keeping a small selection of the relevant types on you. However, given the weight of a full set of folding Allen keys, these days we just carry the ones that are used on our guns. In order to try and stop them from getting lost we keep them in pairs, held together with a bit of paracord and tape.


Speaking of paracord, it’s always useful to keep a few metres of paracord on you, as it has a multitude of uses. Sling broken? Hold it together with paracord. Worried about losing expensive optics or the like? Dummy cord them with paracord. You get the general idea…

Super Glue

Keep a little tube of Super Glue in your field toolkit, but you really should keep it wrapped up in its own plastic bag, so should the worst happen you won’t glue your toolkit together!


Finally, we have tape, and you should be looking at carrying a small amount of both gaffa tape and electrical tape. Useful for more jobs than we could ever list – and that includes temporary repairs to not just your guns, but your tactical gear as well.

Unjamming rod

Who wants to lug around a full-length cleaning rod? Not us. Luckily, flexible curtain rod makes a superb substitute (it’s rigid enough when shoved down a barrel to clear jams, but flexible enough to be coiled up).


Take a look at our airsoft accessories to find everything you need…

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