Galaxy is known for manufacturing cost-effective metal BB pistols as well as a great range of airsoft guns.  At Just BB Guns, we have a selection of Galaxy sniper rifles, pistol magazines, airsoft spring pistols and more, so if you’re an entry-level BB gun shooter or someone with more experience, you’re bound to find the Galaxy product or accessory for your needs right here. If you’re looking for a BB gun to shoot in close-quarters airsoft fields, Galaxy’s two-tone spring pistols are ideal. For longer distance shooting, try one of Galaxy’s spring-action sniper rifles for precision and unrivalled performance. To save money, why not choose one of our sniper rifle bundle sets? We offer a selection of Galaxy sniper rifles that come with a foldable metal bipod for improved accuracy, and others that come with a metal bipod, a tactical scope and a tub of 5000 pellets, so you can be sure that you have everything you need for an optimal shooting experience. Save your pennies and relax in the knowledge that these accessories will perfectly complement your rifle.

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