AEG – What Does it Stand For?

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AEG is a common abbreviation found amongst bb gun suppliers, but what does it stand for?

Simply AEG stands for Automatic Electric Airsoft Guns.

It is widely regarded that the AEG guns are the most reliable type of BB guns on the market and as for the fact that they use electricity to power them are the least expensive. Most suppliers will offer a variety of your favourite military guns as AEG replicas, but how do they actually work?

The AEG utilises a rechargeable battery to power its motor, which in turn pulls back a spring loaded piston. As soon as the piston is released it forms compressed air within the cylinder, the air then forces the bb pellet down the barrel and out of the gun, all within a fraction of a second. Most AEG’s fire between fifteen and eighteen shots per second, or six hundred to nine hundred rounds per minute, very similar to their counterpart firearms.

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