Top 10 Airsoft Tips

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Top 10 Airsoft Tips

Top 10 Airsoft Tips  For AEG Airsoft Guns

When the trigger is pulled, nothing happens and no sound is heard

– Battery may not be connected. Double-check the connection and make sure it is secure.
– The fuse may have blown. If you try another fuse and that also blows, you may be using a fuse rated for low current or there could be something wrong with the rifle or the battery you are using.
– If a fully charged battery is connected and the fuse does not blow, there must be a problem with connection elsewhere.


The gun does not cycle properly. A clicking sound may be heard.

The battery might not be fully charged. If the trigger is pulled and a repeating clicking sound it heard this is most likely the issue. This noise is the motor trying to cycle, but does not have sufficient power to do so. When the This is one of the most common problems encountered when it comes to AEG airsoft guns.


The life of the battery lessens every time it is charged.

It is recommended that you fully discharge your AEG battery after every use and before you start to recharge it. If you have not been fully discharging the battery before you recharge it, this is most likely the cause of the reduction of battery life. Using the battery until it will not power your AEG is not a full discharge. Use a proper discharger in order to fully discharge an airosft battery.


No BB pellets come out when the AEG gun is being fired.

– Make sure that the removable magazine is securely attached to the gun.
– Only use high quality BB pellets. We recommend ‘Bulldog Airsoft’ pellets.
– Do not reuse BB pellets. Once shot, pellets can slightly change shape, causing the gun to clog when reused.
– Using too much hop-up may cause BB pellets to get clogged. Change the hop-up to zero and see if it helps, if BB pellets are then shot, make sure to only make slight adjustments to the hop-up.
– Ensure the barrel is clean. DO NOT LOOK DOWN THE BARREL.


I am using heavy BB pellets and they do not work very well.

– This is completely normal for AEG guns that have not been upgraded. Pellets that weigh 0.3g or more are only recommended for AEG guns that have been upgraded. We recommend using pellets between 0.2g and 0.25g for the best results with a stock AEG airsoft gun.


The trigger sometimes locks up in semi-automatic mode.

– It is normal for the trigger to sometimes lock up in semi-automatic firing mode.
– When the trigger locks up DO NOT force it, you may end up breaking it.
– Switch to full-automatic, fire a few shots and then test the semi-automatic mode.
– If the trigger constantly locks up in semi-automatic mode, contact our support service (providing you ordered the AEG gun from Just BB Guns).


The hop-up does not work properly and BB pellets do not fire very far.

– The hop-up may be on too much. Reduce the hop-up to zero to see if firing improves.
– Some of the rubber parts in the hop-up may have dried up over time, put some silicone into the internal BB feed tube.
– Clean the barrel of your AEG airsoft gun.


My AEG gives off a weird electrical smell

It is completely normal for a newer AEG airsoft rifle to generate this electrical smell.


My BB pellets are constantly curving to the left/right

Make sure that the airsoft gun is upright when shot, if the hop-up is on any tilt will cause the pellets to curve off target.