SRC Elite 5.1 MKII HI-Capa

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The SRC Elite 5.1 MKII Hi-Capa is more than just a mouth full; it’s one of the company’s brand new Airsoft Guns, with an entirely new look and feel that draws you in and makes you want to have a play. Despite the obvious, the Elite is certainly more tactile than most pistols currently on the market. The full metal body and custom skeleton grip make the Elite stand out from the crowd, but in our opinion, it’s the furthest that SRC has strayed away from the tactical world and produced what is essentially a “race gun” – a highly modified variant of a popular, which in this case is the 1911.


The quality of this pistol is outstanding. SRC really do get better with each model they bring to market. The 28 round magazine sits snuggly in the mag well, which is fluted to add with those all-important fast magazine reloads. There is a customary slide lock safety you would expect to see and a pistol grip pressure switch that is activated – making the pistol hot, as your hand wraps around the pistol grip. The magazine realise does not suffer from the enlarged pistol grip as the slide lock does, but it does require more than a light press to drop the magazine. Sadly it’s not ambidextrous, which clearly was a conscious decision by SRC so as not to interfere with the tiger pull as your trigger finger would snag an ambidextrous magazine release if there was one.

Furthermore, the Elite can be powered by both gas and Co2, making the pistol an all-year-round option, which can only be a benefit and a major tick in the box for SRC.

Take a closer look at both the gas and the Co2 options here…

SRC Elite 5.1 MKII Hi-Capa Co2 Airsoft Pistol

SRC Elite 5.1 MKII Hi-Capa Gas Airsoft Pistol



The Elite is a whole lot of fun; it has not got the snappiest trigger response in the world, but that’s okay with us. What it does have is by far one of the strongest GBB systems that we have experienced straight out of the box. Inside this Hi-Capa lives the same internals as the famous Baba Yaga. A more traditional 1911-style slide while maintaining the competition style sights is enhanced with the new hard kick blowback system and an improved hop-up system.

While we did mention that the Elite is an all-year-round option, you will run into some issues when powering it with Co2. While we tested the Elite during a hot period, it still came in at a whopping 400 FPS with the CO2-powered mag. Thankfully the Green gas option is more conservative, with an average FPS of around 330. In addition, grouping is consistent and doesn’t drop off as you empty the 28 rounds out of the pistol. Of course, the CO2 option is the stronger of the two power options, but both the CO2 and gas options will easily empty the entire mag.


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