NSM 101 BB Rifle
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AK47 style spring BB rifle, great fun for great value…

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SKU: MSAN-101-1

AK47 style spring BB rifle from NSM. Great fun for great value, 1:1 scale BB rifle perfect for younger shooters.  This rifle has a fully working magazine that is easy to reload. This gun is covered by our full money back or replacement guarantee, however as this gun is such low cost and for reasons given above, we cannot refund your return postage.

2 reviews for NSM 101 BB Rifle

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  1. Cobey brown

    Opening the box had me stunned the gun turned out to be a better quality then expecting for the price. I’ve enjoyed operating the rifle and recommended it to younger people or anyone who want to get into the sport with a inexpensive but reliable gun.

  2. hawkUKT

    For the price this weapon has left me amazed, it has surprisingly good accuracy and has yet to have a problem.

    Perfect for garden play / practicing gun handling, it even has a safety switch!

    I would recommend this to anyone interested in Airsoft.

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