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Now in stock at Just BB Guns, our range of support Airsoft Guns from Classic Army. Classic Army prides itself on being one of the most popular manufacturers of airsoft products worldwide. This could be due to the outstanding attention to detail, performance, and general quality of all of their airsoft products. Thanks to Classic Army’s immense popularity, it is very easy to find an upgrade or just spare parts for any airsoft gun manufactured by Classic Army.

One of the most impressive new additions to our range of support guns would have to be the Classic Army M249 MK2. This has to be one of the most well made and best-performing airsoft support guns we have come across. The gun is styled after the M249, which is known as the modern M60. It is used by the US army due to its advantages over other support machine guns. This M249 style airsoft gun is electric-powered with semi and fully automatic firing modes. The fully automatic mode has a very impressive BB firing rate. Due to the CA249’s 12 inch barrel, it is very accurate over long-range, this combined with the excellent firing rate will make the perfect support gun. The CA249 MK2 features an adjustable hop-up, to improve accuracy over long-range even further. The whole range of Classic Army support guns includes a 300 round standard M4 magazine, however compatible 2400 round box magazines are available to purchase separately.

To get more info on the outstanding Classic Army CA249 MK2, or other products in our support airsoft gun range, please visit Just BB Guns!

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