Navy Seal Loadout Guide

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Navy Seal Loadout Guide

Looking to get the perfect Navy Seal loadout for your next skirmish? Take a look through our guide on all the gear, accessories and guns you will need to get to make sure you look the part when you’re storming the enemy base as the main special forces for the US Navy. Our guide picks apart the whole loadout, including the helmet, chest piece, trousers, footwear, accessories and of course, the guns. Typically, soldiers like Navy Seals may be wearing urban camouflage meaning they’re blending in with civilians, but when they’re not they may be outfitted with the following loadout.


A combat helmet or camo hat will work fine for headwear, or going without any protection could be an option. Just watch a stray pellet doesn’t hit you in the face – we always recommend some form of facial coverage – even if it’s just some sunglasses. Helmet, comms headset, sunglasses and more a lower face cover is the ideal combination to get your Navy Seal loadout started right.

Main body

The main section of your loadout will see you embrace desert camouflage overalls with a hydration pouch on the back, designed for those long hot days. On the chest and arms should be the US flag as an emblem leading you to your next battle. To imitate the look further, a magazine pouch in the centre of the vest is advantageous for holding extra clips or a sling vest works too, especially on long skirmish days. On your side should be a canteen pouch strapped to you to let you quickly access your water and stay hydrated in the sandy wastes.


Continuing the look, you need to ensure the desert camo overalls continues as a base. Sand coloured knee pads can be attached for comfort and extra protection for those crouched shots on the enemy. On the thigh, it’s common for a navy seal loadout to contain a sand coloured medical kit for urgent repairs. In the sense of airsoft, it’s great for carrying more ammo or even a bit of sugar for the game.


There is no strict requirement for footwear, however typical army standard is sturdy leather boots to keep feet dry and handle the wear and tear associated with being on your feet all day. Don’t let your trainers ruin this full navy seal loadout!

Navy Seal Loadout Accessories

On top of the full clothes loadout, various accessories can emphasise this look further and may offer practical uses on the battlefield. The following are suitable accessories;

  • Walkie talkies
  • Ammunition belt
  • Sand-coloured half-face mask
  • Black combat gloves
  • Grenade pouch