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Okay, let me paint a picture for you. You’ve spent ages advancing on an enemy position; you’ve crawled through the dense woodland or carefully transitioned from building to building, making sure you get the drop on them. You line your shot up, get ready to pull the trigger and then realise you’re out of ammo. While your trusty hi-cap is still rattling, indicating you’ve still got BBs left, at this point, the enemy has spotted you and you simply don’t have the time to wind your hi-cap up and before you know it your shouting “HIT!”.

Believe me, this isn’t an uncommon thing – you’d be surprised by the number of times I’ve been on the skirmish field, had someone pop out, go to engage and realise they’re flat out of BBs. While the look on that person’s face is amusing, it could all be eliminated by a singular purchase – a spare magazine.

During the infancy of someone’s airsoft addiction, a lot of people will go out and spend money on a range of equipment – from AEG Airsoft Guns through to plate carriers, but the idea of spare mags goes completely out of the window. Yes, your hi-cap does hold over 500 BBs, and yes, that is usually enough for a single skirmish. However, do you want to be the person who gets caught in the above scenario? Probably not!

Personally, I think changing magazines constantly mid firefight is one of the most exhilarating parts of a skirmish day and really simulates the feeling of military simulation. Over time you tend to find yourself limiting your ammo usage more and more, leading to you looking at mid-caps and lo-caps to further allow you to simulate a real firefight.

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Thankfully, spare magazines aren’t an expensive purchase – especially in regard to AEG magazines. Many companies offer bundles to cut the cost slightly, while other companies offer examples of high-end polymer magazines at a substantially more expensive price. Our opinion? Set yourself a budget and see what you can find that fits it.

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When it comes to spare airsoft magazines, JBBG have you covered with a wide range of different products to suit your needs.

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