How to Set up a Airsoft Rifle Scope

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How to Set up a Airsoft Rifle Scope
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Simply follow this step by step guide to zero a rifle scope for either your airsoft guns or other types of guns and rifles.

Before you zero a scope ensure it is correctly mounted and in a comfortable position that provides optimum eye relief.

Lens Adjustment

All rifle scopes are fitted with an adjustable focus, this is used to focus the reticle to match your eye characteristics. To achieve a crystal-clear picture carry out the following adjustment.

  • Hold the scope about three or four inches from your eye and look through the eye piece at a blank, flatly lit, bright area such as a wall or open sky.
  • If the reticle is not sharply defined instantly, turn the eyepiece a few turns to focus and quickly glance through the scope again.
  • If the focus has improved, but is still not perfect, continue turning until focus of the reticle is achieved.
  • Never look at the sun with a riflescope, it may permanently damage your eyes!

Adjusting Turrets

After mounting you will need to access the turrets for zeroing. Some riflescope turrets have a turret cap, remove these to access the turrets adjuster.

Zeroing with a rifle or gun

Zeroing your riflescope should be carried out with quality BBs, for the first test we recommend shooting 5 yards, this will ensure you are accounting for scope error only. After the first zero you should always zero at the distance that you are normally going to shoot at. From a steady rest position fire three rounds at a target. Observe point of impact on the target and adjust the windage and elevation turrets as needed to correct point of aim & point of impact.

Repeat until point of aim and point of impact are the same.

You have now achieved zero!

Note: if the point of impact is significantly off target after firing your initial rounds, inspect the mounting of the scope to ensure it is not poorly aligned or positioned. If required, try removing the scope from the rings and rings from the rifle and starting again. This may remove any error in initial mounting.

Eye protection is recommended at all times.

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