Gun Case v Gun Bag Comparison

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Gun Case v Gun Bag Comparison
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Gun Case v Gun Bag Comparison – In this blog, we will take a look into the differences, advantages and disadvantages of both a soft gun case (aka gun bag) and a hard gun case. First of all, to be clear, if it comes down to a gun case versus a gun bag, there’s not really one that’s superior compared to the other. It actually comes down to what you intend to do with such a case or bag. In fact, some guys get themselves one of each because both have features that will impact your airsoft guns.



One of the first things you should consider is the level of protection you want to have for your guns. Especially if you are running around with quite expensive guns, you will want to give them good protection and avoid them getting damaged. For this, a case protects your gun best due to the hard casing and the inside foam that absorbs shocks and protects your gun from any sort of impact. However, a gun bag also provides a certain level of protection but is not nearly as good as a case, especially when it comes to absorbing shocks. Please note, if you do get a gun bag, then make sure it features padding on the inside, or there won’t be much protection at all. For an advanced level of protection, some bags and cases also provide a good level of waterproofing, which might be something you need.


With security, we mean the ability to lock the bag or case for protection against thefts and preventing children from getting access to your guns. For this, a case can be easy to secure simply by using a lock and will be hard to open, while using a lock on a bag doesn’t provide 100% security. For example, people can just easily cut a bag open or destroy the zippers.


The fact is, with storage comes volume and a case takes in a lot of space while a bag is much slimmer. So if you, for example, need a lot of space in your car for other stuff besides your guns, a bag might be a better option for that sort of stuff. But on the other hand, you might want to store your guns up high out of reach from little ones and again want to prevent them from being damaged when they happen to fall. So for these sorts of situations, you might want to pick a gun case.


Durability is also an important thing to keep in mind. A case can take some cuts when exposed to sharp edges, and some sanding won’t be an issue either. The thing won’t look pretty after a while, but it will keep doing its job. And it will get some character as well. On the other hand, a bag might leave you with some holes after using it for a while. Additional bag advantages are that a bag mostly features some sort of pouches or pockets to carry some other stuff in the same bag. Also, some gun bags allow you to carry them on your back for easier travel.


Obviously, if you get a bag or case, be aware of the dimensions of your gun and get one that’s big enough to carry it around properly. And when measuring, don’t forget to include the accessories like the optic, for example. Mind that there are also bigger sized cases out there that are big enough to fit two guns, but due to their size, they require a lot of space. If you look at bags that enable you to carry two guns, they are not necessarily longer. They only become wider because the guns are placed side by side in different compartments with a flap in between. Also, longer guns like a DMR or a sniper rifle that would normally require a bigger gun case can sometimes be carried in a gun bag. This is because some bags have an additional piece of fabric that lets you extend their size.


Most good quality bags and cases come with protective foam inside, and egg foam is the most popular. However, be aware that the use of cut-out foam only allows you to fit 1 or 2 certain guns and doesn’t allow you to transport more guns in a single case. Also, cut-out foam usually doesn’t keep its shape over time and will need a replacement. Egg foam might not look as neat, but you won’t have to deal with the issues you get from the cut out foam.


Pricing is, of course, a factor as well. Mostly gun bags come in cheaper compared to gun cases, but as said, their purposes are quite different. We obviously can’t decide for you, but hopefully, this blog will give you something to think about.


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