Galaxy G35 M200 Spring Sniper Rifle
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This is the G35 budget sniper rifle from Galaxy…

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This Galaxy G35 is modelled on the CheyTac Intervention M-200 sniper rifle, and this budget sniper rifle BB gun priced at beginners wanting a weapon for target practice or other players wanting to add a cool looking gun to there collection. this replica is not full size. This replica is made almost entirely from abs plastic except for internal steel spring and metal assembly elements. The bb gun also comes with a foldable stock, mock scope and a bipod. The bb guns magazine has a capacity of up to 8 rounds.


– Handy size
– Unique style (only model on the market)
– Foldable stock
– Bipod inc
– Mock scope

Please note, this g35 does not come with a laser sight…


Model Name: G35
Manufacturer: Galaxy
Velocity: 300 fps
Type of fire: Single shot
Lenght: 830-970mm
Weight: 1250 grams
Magazine type: Low-Cap magazine
Magazine capacity: 8 rounds
Hop-Up: fixed
Build: plastic
Propulsion: Spring powered

In the box

– the G35 replica
– magazine
– package of test BBs
– mock scope
– bipod

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    amazing works very well

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