Forward Grip or Foregrip Airsoft Review

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Forward Grip or Foregrip Airsoft Review
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Forward Grip or Foregrip Airsoft Review – Designed to steady your rifle, foregrips have been appearing on Airsoft Rifle Rails for as long as we can remember. More of a fashion statement than necessity, players the World over ignore their fore grips in favor of gripping their mag wells to steady their rifles. Is there a place for Foregrips in our World? Is there any real reason to have them, and do they make a difference? To understand the need for foregrips, we have to look at the Real World and get our heads around the World of recoil and ergonomics.


Essentially, it is a piece of molded plastic that extends vertically down from your front rail to aid the shooter in steadying his or her rifle and soaking up some of the force of a real-world recoil. Over the years, foregrips have evolved from their humble beginnings to become angled and fictional, with light and laser units being integrated. However, the vast majority are simply vertical grips, but nevertheless, players the World over will attach a foregrip but then automatically revert to grabbing their magazine wells to stabilize their rifles, which renders, in their case, their foregrip completely redundant. But why is that? It’s an excellent question and one we have asked quite a few times. The answers all point to muscle memory, which is the ability to reproduce a particular movement without conscious thought, acquired as a result of frequent repetition of that movement.

Some players we asked didn’t even know that they were still gripping their mag wells, but once we pointed it out to them, they made a conscious effort to bring their foregrips into play. So, from that particular point of view, foregrips are pretty pointless. Just to confirm, the two players we approached soon reverted to gripping their mag wells, which they both thought quite funny as they had no idea that they had done so. This goes to show you that our muscle memory is a pretty powerful force, and the average person has to really work against it to change.

Conversely, players who were employing their foregrips correctly simply said: “That they are easier to hold than the rail,” which is where ergonomics comes into play as a human hand has been designed to grip a vertical object better than it can a horizontal object. So it makes sense that a vertical grip is more appealing to grip than a horizontal rail.


As humans, we are, at times, pretty lazy; it’s natural to take shortcuts in almost everything we do. Our lives are pretty dominated by our muscle memory. You can try this out for yourself. Move something out of its usual location, something you use in everyday life. That could be as simple as moving the milk in your fridge to a different shelf, forget about it and go to make yourself a cup of tea the next morning, we bet a number of you don’t even look to see where the milk is?

Your muscle memory takes over, and that’s why players who have been running rifles without foregrips will revert time and time again to grabbing their mag wells and not their new foregrips. It is as simple as forgetting what your muscles have remembered, but sometimes that’s easier said than done, especially if you have strong muscle memory. Interestingly foregrips that are fictional with lights and lasers tend to get used more as you make a conscious effort to use your new light or laser teaching your muscle memory, well basically to make new memories.


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