Christmas Gifts for Airsofters

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Christmas Gifts for Airsofters
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Starting to Feel a Lot Like Christmas! Our Picks for Christmas Gifts This Festive Season – Christmas Gifts for Airsofters…

It’s that time of year again (scarily – where has 2021 gone?!), and trying to find the perfect gift for your significant other, child, friend or other family members can often be a nightmare. Thankfully, if the recipient of your potential purchase is an airsoft player or an airsoft guns nut, then it’ll make your life a little easier – especially with this list of our favourite airsoft items.

To make your life even easier, we’ve split this months’ blog up into four different categories – under £50, £50-£150, £150-£250 and £250+, to ensure a list of gifts that are affordable for everyone. Furthermore, we’ve put together a whole heap of gift packages specifically for this festive period, with a range of exclusive packages that you won’t find anywhere else.

On top of that, should you find something on our website that is cheaper elsewhere, we will match that price. Simply contact us directly or select the price match tab on the product page you want us to match. The rest is easy, and you’ll get the great customer service we offer along with your new product at a price that will not be beaten!

If you’re still struggling for ideas, though, you could also just pick up one of our gift cards. This will allow your partner, child, friend or just about anyone else you’re buying a gift for to pick up something they want without running the risk of picking up something they don’t want. So, if you’re going to grab one of our JBBG gift cards, simply click here.

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This is the NEW Taurus PT92 spring pistol bundle set offer now at Just BB Guns. Put together to save you money and at the same time give you the confidence that everything will all work together to provide you with a great shooting experience.

The PT92 is not your “run of the mill” Springer BB Pistol; it features a heavyweight metal slide and shoots with very respectable power for a spring pistol – the weapon features a 12 round magazine that is more than enough for shooting practice. The accuracy of this pistol is incredible; it can hit a human-sized target at 40ft with no problems at all and can consistently make a headshot target at 25~30ft – this is IDEAL for use when having a “shooting contest” in the garden.

The slide is very easy to pull back and has hardly any extra resistance aside from simply the weight of the spring – the slide return spring is also fairly strong and gives a very satisfying speed and feel to the return when you take your hand off the slide. The build on this is incredibly good for a Springer; it is one of the nicest spring pistols we have seen and feels fantastic to hold – the lower receiver is incredibly thick and is held together extremely securely with nothing wobbling around.

To ensure you have everything you need to make use of your new Taurus PT92, this bundle comes complete with the following –

– 2000 Premium Bulldog 0.12g BBs
– 1 Sticking Target
– 1 Pistol Case
– 1 Speed Loader

In our opinion, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better gift under £50 than this Taurus PT92 bundle, and whoever you’re buying it for will no doubt get hours of fun from it!



Okay, so we cheated a little here – the Bulldog P4PG RIS Starter Set is £8 more than the intended budget, but it’s just too good not to include, and at only £8 more than the budget, we felt you could likely stretch this far if that were your budget.

This game-changer is loaded with tons of upgrades, such as a reinforced SRC gearbox and adjustable hop-up. In addition, this outstanding Bulldog CQB AEG has the latest features that make this one of the best airsoft guns for the money. This sportline gun features a 70 round mid-cap magazine plus a smooth selector switch to change from safety to semi-auto and full-auto firing.

With outstanding internals and a light plastic body, this gun is easy to carry all day at your next event. In addition, this fantastic airsoft rifle has a reinforced SRC gearbox for increased performance and durability, semi and fully automatic shooting modes, adjustable hop-up for increased distance and accuracy and TG pistol grip with an advanced trigger guard.

To ensure you have everything you need to make use of your new Bulldog M4PG RIS, this bundle comes complete with the following –

– 1 Bulldog Smart Battery Charger
– 1 Bulldog Hi-Cap magazine (300 bb capacity)
– 1 8.4V 1600 MK2 Bulldog Crane Battery
– 5000 premium Bulldog 0.20g BBs
– 1 Bulldog M2 Airsoft Goggles
– 1 Speed Loader



This Galaxy G31 Sniper Rifle Starter Kit is an outstanding offer and will undoubtedly make for a brilliant gift that will make the recipient the talk of their skirmish field.

A large 1:1 scale replica of the Barrett M82 classic rifle, this incredible 6mm BB airsoft rifle is made mainly from durable polymer, except for metal internal parts. This is a spring-action sniper rifle, which means it needs to be reloaded by pulling back the side bolt before each shot. At the top of the receiver is a long RIS mounting rail that allows for the attachment of a wide array of optical sights.

As this rifle is so long, it is constructed in two parts, and a small amount of construction is required, which means that it can be split again at any time for storage. The replica rifle features a good Hop-Up system inside the barrel that provides BBs with a spin, thus increasing their range. However, its adjustment is possible only after the barrel has been pulled out of the body.

To ensure you can use the G31 as intended, our brilliant starter kit includes a 3-9×40 Duplex Pro Rifle Scope manufactured by Trimex. This quality full metal scope will improve the accuracy of your favourite airsoft gun. This cross target sight fits on any Airsoft Rifle that has a 20mm Weaver or Picatinny rail.

To ensure you have everything else you may need to make use of your new Bulldog M4PG RIS, this bundle also comes complete with:

– 2000 premium bulldog 0.25g BBs
– 1 Bulldog Square Sport Shooting Glasses
– 1 High Profile Scope Mounts



To round off our range of Christmas gifts, we present to you the WE KAC PDW 10″. Manufactured by WE, The Knight’s Armament Company 6×35mm PDW is an experimental personal defence weapon designed by Knight’s Armament Company (KAC). In the real world, the KAC is essentially a shortened M16 rifle lower receiver, which makes the basic operating controls familiar to many potential users. However, the cartridge, upper receiver, and operating mechanism are all new designs by KAC.

The KAC PDW uses a completely side-folding stock, unlike the M16 and M4 designs, which have their main operating spring in a tube in the stock, and therefore can only partially telescope and not fold sideways at all.

The WE KAC PDW 10″ AEG is one of the most modern assault rifles available. This airsoft replica is just as impressive as its original real-life firearm. Complete with a high-cap 300 round magazine, this PDW has the firepower to win any airsoft game. You can either squeeze a small li-po battery into the front section of this gun, or we recommend fitting a battery box to the side of the RIS section (sold separately).

Like all WE products, the KAC PDW 10″ is brilliantly manufactured, featuring a CNC machined aluminium alloy upper receiver and a hard-coat anodised lower receiver. Furthermore, the outer barrel is made from CNC machined aluminium. Emblazoned on the pistol grip is WE’s world-renowned logo. The KAC PDW 10″ is finished off with front and rear adjustable iron sights, an adjustable hop-up system and three sling swivels, including one QD sling swivel.

All in all, the WE KAC PDW 10″ makes the perfect gift for those who want something a little smaller for CQB sites and will make a brilliant gift for your loved one!


You can see our full range of airsoft guns on the Just BB Guns category product pages. We also have a large number of BBs and airsoft accessories, all at great low prices.

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