Asia Electric Guns are one of the outstanding manufacturers of high-quality full metal replica guns for airsoft. With popular assault rifles and outstanding internal components these guns are recommended for the extreme airsofter.

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  • Mantis 80LB Resin Self Cocking Crossbow

  • Panther 175BL Crossbow Black and Accessories Kit

  • Panther 175BL Crossbow Camo and Accessories Kit

  • 12 Aluminium Crossbow Bolts

  • 12 Plastic Crossbow Bolts

  • 30 Inch Aluminium Set

  • 30 Inch Fibreglass Set

  • Anglo Arms Zombie Rapture Aluminium Crossbow 80LB

  • Cyclone Crossbow 80LB

  • Gecko Crossbow 50LB

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Hornet Crossbow

  • Jaguar B 175lb

  • Jaguar Camo 175lb Set

  • Kita Compound Bow

  • Komodo Crossbow 50LB

  • Scorpion Crossbow 80LB Aluminium

  • Scorpion Crossbow 80LB Plastic

  • XP80C Pistol Crossbow 80LB