If you want to bring the battlefield to life you need look no further than one of the ICS range. Theirs is a brand known for superior quality airsoft guns grenade launchers and airsoft magazine connectors. Since 1995 this Taiwanese company has been a star in the airsoft industry, consistently raising the bar for its competitors. They are one of the most talked-about brands in the world of airsoft, and their motto says it all – “The best we make”. Using only the highest quality materials to produce stunning airsoft weapons and accessories, a weapon from the ICS range will make you the envy of your teammates and the bane of your enemies. At Just BB Guns we stock airsoft accessories from this industry-leading name with a price to reflect the superior quality of this choice including the ICS weapons including the ICS MGL short 193 grenade launcher and MGL long 192 grenade launcher. These professional quality weapons are constructed of high-quality aluminium and will enable you to take out your opponents.

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