Bison Airsoft Company is world-renowned for its small but highly effective and easy-to-use, spring-powered range of Airsoft rifles and shotguns.  The 301 model is closely modelled on the MP5 and boasts a high FPS and extensive range. Easy to use, the 301 is great for beginners and more experienced enthusiasts alike. Based on the Russian SVD Dragunov sniper rifle, the Bison 701 is one of the big daddies of Airsoft guns. Clocking in at well over a metre long, the user has a choice between 330 and a staggering 440 FPS. Also available separately is an additional, highly realistic magazine.  The Bison range also includes two pump-action shotguns, the 401c and 501. Built to scale, these guns shoot 300 FPS and hold 40 rounds. And for the younger shooter, the G70 is based on the M70 but built to half-scale. Bison Airsoft Company has become well-established as a producer of high-quality Airsoft guns. Often the Airsoft of choice for more seasoned owners, their guns are available in a range of colours and many are sold with additional accessories. Bison are dedicated to remaining affordable, making these great airsoft rifles and shotguns for anyone who’s just starting out.

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