Armex is the premier field sports equipment supplier in the UK, and they are known the world over for the utmost quality of their goods and their unparalleled sporting goods expertise. Founded by a keen sportsman Alan Phelps, they are currently the biggest importer of crossbows into Europe, having cornered the market thanks to the enduring care and knowledge of people within the field sports scene. Armex strikes the perfect balance between durability, utility, and functionality, outperforming other brands in the archery accessory market thanks to seventeen years of strong ties to games fairs and organised competitions. Armex sells kits, stocks, and other crossbow accessories and utilities while treating the final price for users as their guiding light. They have expressed their commitment to constantly sourcing and even designing new products, including bespoke stocks, which is why we’re happy to feature their products and recommend them to our customers. Armex is the sole Umarex distributor for the UK and has an international reputation which only increases as they continue to create and distribute quality products commissioned on market demand and customer satisfaction. If you’re looking for crossbow accessories, Armex is the name that springs to mind whenever real-world value meets genuine, crafted quality. See all the Armex products at JBBG. You can also see the latest Airsoft Guns on the Just BB Guns website.

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