Sticking Target SQU

Sticking Target SQU

Sticking Target SQU

Sticking Target SQU


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Designed specifically for Airsoft BB Pellets, which will stick to the target.

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Designed specifically for Airsoft BB Pellets, which will stick to the target and after a few seconds start to slowly slide down the face of the target. The tray at the bottom will collect the BB. The special sticky rubber gel pad makes the bullets strongly stick to the target and is washable.

This target is NOT for paintball, steel or metal BBs.


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1 review for Sticking Target SQU

  1. 1 out of 5

    mcbennet (verified owner)

    A few weeks ago bought this Sticking Target SQU and a HG193B Gas Airsoft Pistol with .20g Bio BB Bulldog Pellets.
    Pros: Shooting this target from 6 metres away the BB’s stick nicely to the target and slowly role down into the collection tray.
    Cons: A few slight misses hitting the plastic frame and you soon don’t have much of a frame left. The BB’s either crack or blow out fragments off the frame which is too thin and brittle, leaving a permanent reminder of each shot which was not close enough. Will need my DIY skills to make a replacement frame.

    I did get a laugh from the poor instructions which match the quality of the product, especially the warning ⚠️, which doesn’t even relate to the product (Sticking Target). I think the Taiwanese printed the wrong warning on the wrong product, but even though, I havn’t Mastered pulling the trigger with my mind and I’m waiting to see the bullets jumping all around the place.

    * Don’t place the target at a dangerous or unstable place.
    * Only the specially designed bullets are available. (Other bullets may stick the gun.)
    * Never aim the gun at people, no matter weather it is loaded with bullets.
    * It can be only used with the safety device.
    * Don’t touch the trigger before shooting.
    * When not using it, take the bullets out of the magazine.
    * This plastic gun should be protected from crush or breakage.
    * The shooting bullets jumps freely. When using the gun, be away people, animals and fragile articles.

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