SR40 MP40 Co2 Blowback Airsoft Gun SRC


This is the NEW SR40 MP40 Co2 Blowback Airsoft Gun SRC from SRC.

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This is the NEW MP40 Co2 Blowback Airsoft Gun from SRC. This is one of the most significant submachine guns of World War II, the MP-40 was the primary submachine gun of the German Wehrmacht between 1938 and 1945. SRC have created arguably one of the best and closest MP40 replicas out there today. This CO2 Blowback has a Full metal body, stamped with german markings. It has Authentic Bakelite fore and pistol grips and like the real steel version, this weapon is a must for any German Re-enactor or gun collector.


  • CO2 powered blowback SMG
  • Shoot 6mm plastic BBs
  • Metal upper receiver with an integrated rear sight
  • Metal lower receiver with plastic receiver covers
  • Metal under folding stock
  • Metal grip with plastic grip covers
  • Metal charging handle and bolt assembly
  • Metal trigger, magazine release
  • Includes 30 rounds CO2 magazine


  • MP40 (SR40) Co2 Blowback Airsoft Gun
  • Magazine 30 Rounds MP-40 Co2 Mag
  • Speed Loader Clear
  • Unblocking and Cleaning Rod
  • Co2 Wrench / Allen Key





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1 review for SR40 MP40 Co2 Blowback Airsoft Gun SRC

  1. 5 out of 5

    David Halliwell (verified owner)

    The word Awesome is used far too liberally in this country, IMHO. So I’m reluctant to use the word Awesome about this bb Machine Pistol. However,….this is Awesome. I have had a .22 (semi auto, FAC) of this gun, so I can say that the weight, feel, looks and overall impression of this bb is spot on. I’ve fitted a sling and bought some magazine pouches to add to the feel. A word of caution, you will want extra mags. The mag takes 30 bb’s and there is no winding up of the mags. The rate of fire is about the same as the real thing, approx. 8.5 bb per second, that is approximately 3.5 secs to empty the mag. on rapid fire, ( there is no single shot option ). You get about 4 mags, thats approx. 120 shots on two Co2 capsules, which is not bad considering the gas has to blowback as well as propel the bullets. It’s the blowback that puts this MP out in front. It’s a fair old rattle and gives an element of recoil ( relatively speaking).It’s also faster than my two Thompson AEG’s and no batteries to charge. I’m not a Skirmisher, so the rapid rate of fire may be too fast for that game, but in the back garden it’s…awesome. Just fill a few balloons with talc. The Co2 power is good for about 40 meters, but this is a point and fire, not a target rifle, so accuracy is not an issue. The speed loader works well, once you’ve figured out how it fits, and it’s an essential piece of gear, I don’t think you could load the mags without it. You may have to tape the nozzle on, as it’s a slack fit.
    You also have to empty the Co2 capsules completely before you can remove them…as the internal pressure prevents removal of the piercing screw, an Allen key is supplied. With all this fast moving action it’ll be interesting to see how long it last before issues arise. In the meantime…What’s not to like…… And it looks good on the wall.

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Does this airsoft gun have CO2 with it?

No, our CO2 airsoft rifles do not come with CO2 Capsules. We recommend that you take a look at the CO2 we recommend on this product page or see our CO2 Capsules under the accessories tab at the top of the page.

Can I use other CO2 Capsules that are not designed for airsoft or air guns?

No, you must only use CO2 Capsules designed for airsoft or air guns. Yes, you will see videos on YouTube showing how to use other CO2 in your gun, but these have no lubricant and will damage your gun beyond repair while voiding your warranty.

What BBs will work best in this airsoft gun?

BB pellets are, simply put, the ammo your airsoft gun will use. Choosing the right BBs can be just as important as selecting the right gun. This is because BB weight matters - this is simply how heavy the BB is. 0.20g is the most common weight of BBs, but 0.25g may give better accuracy.

Do I have to buy a blue airsoft gun?

If you are asking this question, the answer is yes: you must buy a blue gun. If you are a newcomer to airsoft and have not attended an airsoft club or site, you will not currently be registered with UKARA. If you are over 18, you can purchase an Airsoft Two-Tone gun. These blue guns are UK legal and comply with the VCR Act of 2007.

How can I buy a black airsoft gun?

You need to supply a defence at checkout if you want to buy a RIF (Real Imitation Firearm) - a Black / Tan / Gold / Silver with no blue bits. Make sure one of the following is true: the delivery address is not in the UK, you have a current UKARA membership, you have a current UKAPA membership, you are a member of a properly insured historical re-enactment group or society, you are a film, television or theatre production company, you are (or are acting on behalf of) a museum, you are a Crown Servant in pursuance of your Crown duties.

What is FPS?

FPS means ‘feet per second’ - a measure of velocity or distance travelled in a given second. So, in theory, the higher the FPS, the further the BB pellet will travel. However, you will also need to consider BB pellet weight and, importantly, if you are using a Hop-Up unit.

What is a Hop-Up?

A Hop-Up makes it so that when a BB is fired from the airsoft gun, a small and grippy rubber pad rubs against the top of the BB. This has the effect of adding a backspin to the round projectile. Adding a backspin to any ball whilst flying through the air adds lift and therefore increases its range. Most high-end CO2 airsoft guns have an adjustable hop-up so that you can set the gun for your optimal shooting distance.

Should I be worried about CO2 gun performance issues in cold weather?

No. CO2, unlike Gas airsoft guns, do not display any performance issues in cold weather.

Should I be worried about leaking magazines?

CO2 magazines can develop leakages in the O ring seals if not well looked after. There are some simple steps you can follow to prevent this: never empty the CO2 from the magazine - only do so by firing the gun and NOT by pressing the valve button on the mag; always store the WITHOUT a capsule; always use CO2 Capsules that have added silicon! Failing these steps, you can always replace the magazine with a new one or replace the valves and seals at fault - it's a simple and cheap job.

What warranty is supplied with this airsoft gun?

All of our airsoft guns and accessories have a manufacturer's warranty, and we offer a full refund or replacement for any issues a gun may have due to the manufacturing process. This gun is not, however, covered for damage caused by dropping or misuse. The warranty is also not valid if the product has been altered or tampered with in any way, including being taken apart for any reason. Please see our Terms and Conditions on our website for full warranty information.

What should I do if I have an issue with this airsoft gun?

The first thing to do is to take a look at the manual supplied with the gun. Then, take a look at our blog. We offer many valuable tips and tricks to get the best from your gun. Finally, if you still have problems, please contact our support team directly at sup[email protected] or join our live chat on our website.