Multi Function Target

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Multi-function Large Target for 6mm Airsoft BB Guns…

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Automatic Mechanical Target Set

This large size target set has multiple setups including; 3 round plastic targets that knockdown when hit with BB pellet. When the smallest target is hit the other targets popup and re-set. This target set also has 2 large paper targets that can be used for competition shooting as they are inserted one on the left and one on the right. There is also a place to insert your name and score on each paper target. When used you can download and reprint directly from the Just BB Guns website. This target also has a foldable metal frame for easy storage and a good quality net to catch all the BB pellets resulting in a lot less BB pellets being scattered around the garden or another shooting area.

With this target set:

  • Target plastic frame
  • Net and Metal  Support
  • Automatic Mechanical System
  • 3 Round Plastic targets
  • 2 Paper Targets


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