Mini Grenade Launcher

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M203 Grenade Launcher from Classic Army, now on special offer!

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HFC HG-138 Mini Tactical Grenade Launcher, This incredible mini grenade launcher from HFC, shoots 40 rounds of 6mm BBs each time. Simple fill with airsoft gas and a speed loader for BBs. It has a shooting range of 65ft effective and 98ft maximum. Only use 0.20G 6mm BBs, for airsoft only!

– Made in Aluminium
– Compatible for All Rail System
– Fits on bothe Pistols and Rifles
– Charge gas before loading the BB bullets
– Pull the trigger to shoot and push the trigger for recharging gas
– Suitable for mounting on any airsoft pistol or guns with rail system
– 40 rounds each shot
– Weight: 182g

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