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This compact LED flashlight and laser unit is ideal for all airsoft rifles and pistols.

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This compact LED flashlight and laser unit is ideal for all airsoft rifles and pistols. Tactical laser and flashlight modules allow you to quickly switch back and forth from a laser to a flashlight by just changing the front assemblies.

With a Weaver style mount, you can quickly install and remove the powerful laser or flashlight in seconds and mount it onto virtually any of your airsoft guns and pistols with the use of tools provided. Precise windage and elevation adjustments keep your shots on target! Constructed of solid anodized aluminium, this laser/flashlight is tough and can take a beating.

Batteries and tools included within the box…

257 reviews for Laser Torch YHGD

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  1. Kai_Smith

    When it comes down to choosing between a torch or a laser for your first purchase, you’re stuck for choices, but this one certainly sticks out. The ones I have used before usually came with the gun and I just shrugged off purchasing another one because I’m a bit cheap.

    Whilst browsing this site however, I was surprised to see that this was both a laser and a torch which highly intrigued me. At £45 normally and £35 on sale (which I bought it for) I had to give this a go.

    The device uses CR2 batteries which are readily available to anyone that is near a camera store, though some supermarkets sell them as well meaning you at least won’t be stuck getting replacements in the future.

    The power of both the torch and the laser are outstanding, both were tested at night to check their range and they shine beyond what I would consider the average distance a BB shot gets fired. Please don’t be that guy that shines the laser into people’s windows though, we’re all adults here… Mostly.

    The weaver mount is good, with three separate screws that are loosened and tightened by an alun (hex) key. It also comes with two other keys you’ll never use unless you need to tighten a dodgy screw on your old cabinet.

    A downside to t his product would be that the torch uses two batteries where the laser uses only one, I would argue that it wouldn’t be a quick switch from one to the other, unless you had another battery to hand and replaced lightbulbs for a living; going from torch to laser is viable, but not so much the other way around.

    The method of turning the laser or torch on is with a small button that needs to be held down; the location of the button is from a wire at the back of the torch. It’s quite comfortable to hold down and doesn’t get in the way of the guns I tested it on.

    The weight of the unit however is surprisingly hefty but it doesn’t make holding the gun any more difficult for me, perhaps younger shooters will have trouble keeping a pistol up with this attached, but I can imagine most people will be fine.

    Overall this is certainly effective for target practice and decent for those hobbyists out there, but just remember that if you are doing CQB, skirmishes etc, stick with one as unless you have a reasonable, calm half a minute, you won’t be switching as fast as the description advertises.

    A must have for beginners or even seasoned veterans and hey, if you stop airsofting, you’ve got one incredible torch.

  2. Dale

    This is the second laser system I have had and I would not got for anything else

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