Blastar Pro AR Gun – Augmented Reality Gaming

Blastar Pro AR Gun – Augmented Reality Gaming

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Blastar Pro AR Gun – Augmented Reality Gaming


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  • Augmented Reality Gun Set – Gift and Gadget
  • Bring the fun of Virtual arcade Shooting into the house
  • Simple setup and Play
  • Suitable for age 9 +
  • Compatible with all Smartphones
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At Just Bb Guns we find the latest fun products, the BLASTAR PRO AR Gun Augmented Reality Gaming is up there with the best.

Augmented Reality just keeps getting better and better plus now more popular than ever before! Simply Download the App, Connect your Smartphone and get the fun of arcade shooting games at home in your house. Amaze all your friends with the Augmented Reality BLAST AR PRO ™ Gift and Gadget Today.

The BLAST AR PRO ™ is an augmented reality game that uses the latest technology in gaming to create an exciting and interactive experience. The Game was developed by award-winning Game designers in Ireland and is now available for download on the Apple APP ™ store and Google Play ™ store. There are five unique games designed for play by the whole family. Each game is played using the BLAST AR gun, smartphone and an individual game poster. The BLAST AR gun is pointed at the poster which will appear to augment from reality and come to life. Each box comes with the BLAST AR PRO gun and holder, 5 Game Posters, Batteries, access to the APP and instruction manual.

Plug your smartphone into the BlastAR Pro gun peripheral, aim it at one of the supplied game posters and transform your room into a new exciting game world. Gain the advantage by physically aiming, moving, dodging in the real world to directly affect the game world. Take gaming to the next level – It is like the game exists in your room.

Choose from 5 different game modes…

Bird Hunter:
Are you ready for hunting season? Hunt different types of exotic birds in a vibrant wilderness environment using an array of different weapons, and finally answer that age-old question, who will win in Bird vs. Rocket launcher?

Alien Invasion:
In a galaxy not that far far away… You are humanity’s last bastion of hope! Choose from an arsenal of futuristic weaponry including the Rail-gun, Auto-cannon and the devastating Plasma Death-laser and blow those alien invaders to space dust. Battle increasingly difficult waves of enemies each with different abilities, will you bring peace to the galaxy or succumb to the Invasion?

Precision Hit:
Trapped behind enemy lines, can you escape the compound? A reinvention of the classic ‘on-rails’ arcade shooters. Dodge and weave around enemy bullets, grenades and rockets in an ever-changing environment whilst taking out enemies with precision shooting and superior accuracy.

In a post-apocalyptic world, ravaged by flesh-eating zombies, you must do all you can to survive. Defend your base by blowing those zombies to pieces using an arsenal of weapons.
The more zombies you kill, the more weapons and points you receive. Take advantage of new AR features, peer around corners and take down the zombie bosses from the safety of your hideout, but in this haunting world is anywhere… truly… safe!!!

Sky Pirates:
One man, one airship and a shed load of pirates! In a time when pirates ruled the seven seas, you rule the skies. Take to the air and defend your town from the pirate onslaught by firing bombs from above in this unique AR experience. Beware though, the dreaded Blackbeard’s fleet of warships are lurking out there somewhere… just waiting to attack!!!

The game is best played using this pack i.e. additional BlastAR Pro gun peripheral and posters to play.
The game is optimised for smartphones, not tablet and requires Bluetooth and a video-camera enabled smartphone.


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