If you want to customise the look of your Airsoft Guns, there is no better way than using paints. Our range of Airsoft paint is available in a choice of colours. Add your personal touch or create a camo-style paint job; the possibilities are endless. These high-quality paints will enhance the look of your BB Guns while also offering protection against the elements. Easy to apply, the colours refresh the look of the various aspects of your Airsoft gun. If it has been damaged or scratched during use, you can make it look like new again with these Airsoft paints. The finish is touch dry in 30 minutes and provides protection against chips and scratches once fully hardened. The spray can airsoft paint allows you to add an even and professional-looking finish in minutes. If you want to change the look of your gun or want to make it truly your own, these paints will do the job.

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