UX Supper 9 Pro Sniper Rifle

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The UX Supper 9 PRO is an outstanding low-cost airsoft sniper rifle from UHC…

SKU: UA-314-1

This is the UX Super 9 Sniper Rifle from UHC…

The shooting Power is around 400 fps with 0.2g BBs and there is an adjustable hop unit to increase your shooting skills. This rifle has a rotary magazine and fake shells plus a stick magazine for skirmishing. The shell loading system is purely for fun otherwise you’ll spend your entire life looking for used shells! There is no obvious upgrade path for the Super 9 although are able to source spares direct from the manufacturer. So, if you want something that is fun, shoots well and won’t break the bank – this is most definitely for you.

Please note: this sniper rifle needs a small amount of construction, it not difficult and is good fun to see how the parts of the rifle go together.

Package Includes:

  • Sniper Rifle
    • Stock
    • Barrel
    • Receiver
    •  Boult
  • Stick Magazine
  • Rotary Magazine
  • Shells
  • Mag Converter
  • Mall Bag of BBs


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