MA-25 Clear Airsoft Mask

MA-25 Clear Airsoft Mask

MA-25 Clear Airsoft Mask


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This Tactical Mask from Bulldog provides protection to the user’s face and neck, used in airsoft games and is available in black with clear perspex Lens…

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Tactical Airsoft Mask

This Tactical Mask from Bulldog is a protective head mask to be used in airsoft games and has a good clear perspex lens. The wide perspex visor means great visibility of your surroundings. Provides users protection during all environments in addition to guarding against BB hits at medium to very short range. The rubber neck guard protects against BB hits where most other airsoft masks do not. The foam padding around the visor increases comfort whilst creating a seal to help prevent fogging. This is an outstanding airsoft mask and fits all sizes of heads due to its flexible adjustable fit.


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