Bulldog Universal Li-Po Charger


Bulldog Universal Li-ion/Li-po Smart Charger for Airsoft batteries.

Please note, this outstanding Bulldog LiPo charger has a USA 2 pin wall plug, however, at Just BB Guns we are now including a 3 pin UK fused wall adapter FREE with this charger.

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Please note – this charger has a 2 pin USA plug, so will require a UK plug adapter.

This is the Bulldog Universal Li-Po Charger, an easy compact balance charger for Li-Po airsoft battery.

This outstanding Bulldog LiPo charger has a USA 2 pin wall plug. However, at Just BB Guns we are now including a 3 pin UK fused wall adapter FREE.


  • Smart universal charger for Li-Ion and Li-Polymer battery pack with capacity > 500 mAh.
  • Four voltage selections at 3.7 v, 7.4 v, 11.1 v and 14.8 v.
  • Universal 100 v – 240 v AC input for worldwide power usage.
  • 500 mA constant charging current.
  • Automatic charging stop when the battery pack is fully charged, or when each cell’s voltage reaches 4.2 v.
  • With Tamiya connector.


  • Input voltage: 100VAC-240VAC 50HZ-60HZ;
  • Rating input current: 250 mA
  • Full-load power: 12 W
  • Battery type and specification: 1~4S Li-Ion/Po battery
  • Charging current: 500 mA
  • Charging voltage: 2.5~16.8 v
  • Weight: Approx. 370 g
  • Dimension: 119 * 60 * 37 mm


This is an easy-to-use charger, just connect the battery to the charger, making sure that the polarity is connected in the right way;

Select the right voltage level for your pack:

  • For 3.6/3.7 v 1-cell pack, set switch button 3.7 position on the charger.
  • For 7.2/7.4 v 2-cell pack, set switch button 7.4 position on the charger.
  • For 10.8/11.1 v 3-cell pack, set switch button 11.1 position on the charger.
  • For 14.4/14.8 v 4-cell pack, set switch button 14.8 position on the charger.

Then connect the charger to the AC power supply.


  • Green: Empty load or fully charged
  • Red: Charging
  • Off: Short circuit


  • Use special caution when working with Lipo battery packs, they are very sensitive to charging characteristics and may explode if mishandled.
  • Make sure you have enough knowledge on Lipo rechargeable batteries in charging, discharging and assembly before use.
  • Put the batteries in a fire-proof environment when charging.
  • We recommend that you only charge when the battery is in a fireproof Lipo bag.
  • Never leave batteries unattended when charging.
  • Do not put batteries on the car seat, wood surface or carpet when charging.
  • We are not responsible for any damage caused by misusing or mishandling, not for any damage caused by other Lipo batteries.
  • Do not make any changes to the charger, charger accessories or connectors, as this might cause an electrical shortage, fire or over-heating during charging.

Before purchasing a battery or charger please read our important warning and disclaimer here.


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