SR4505 Airsoft Pistol (Boneyard)

SR4505 Airsoft Pistol (Boneyard)

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SR4505 Airsoft Pistol (Boneyard)


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This is the SR4505 spring airsoft BB pistol from SRC…

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PLEASE NOTE, all BONE YARD pistols and guns are supplied without accessories that may be shown on the image. What are Bone Yard Items? These are products that are defected, damaged or refunded items made available at various times. Why would you buy a Bone Yard item? If you are tech-savvy or handy, Bone Yard items are often easy to repair into fully functioning products. They also have a high resell value as parts and many of our customers buy Bone Yard items for spare parts. Bone Yard replicas are the very best 1:1 scale replicas money can buy, and are great for film production and pretend play. Disclaimer: Bone Yard items are sold less than cost and are sold as is. Bone Yard items are NOT brand new or in perfect condition. Contents may not match website images and will not come with parts and accessories that a brand-new item would include. All sales are final and there will be no returns, warranty or guarantee on any Bone Yard items.

236 reviews for SR4505 Airsoft Pistol (Boneyard)

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