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  • EG18 Smoke Grenade Blue

  • EG18 Smoke Grenade Green

  • EG18 Smoke Grenade Yellow

  • Smoke Grenade Blue 1

  • Smoke Grenade Orange 1

  • EG18 Smoke Grenade Orange

  • EG18 Smoke Grenade Purple

  • EG18 Smoke Grenade Red

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    Smoke Grenade Purple 1

  • Smoke Grenade Red 1

  • Smoke Grenade White 1

  • Smoke Grenade Yellow 1

  • WP40 Smoke Grenade Black

Here at JBBG we have a large selection of high grade smoke grenades for airsoft and other activities such as paintball and reenactment events. We recommend Enola Gaye products as we know they offer quality airsoft accessories that aren’t going to let you down. Their smoke grenades have good burn time and offer great protection for your team when encountering enemy fire. Just try not to burn through them too quickly when storming the enemy! Our airsoft smoke grenades can be delivered to your door anywhere within the UK at a great new lower price! Take a look through our selection and choose your desired colour and design. Be sure to check with your local skirmish site to see if smoke grenades are allowed, many across the country do. To see a list of skirmish sites in the UK, take a look at our site locator to find your new favourite battleground.