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  • G053 Pistol Magazine

  • G1 Pistol Magazine

  • G10 Pistol Magazine

  • G16 Pistol Magazine

  • G2 Pistol Magazine

  • G9 Pistol Magazine

  • HA101 Airsoft Magazine

  • HA102 Pistol Magazine

  • HA109 113 116 Airsoft Magazine

  • HA112 Airsoft Magazine – PRE ORDER

  • HA117 Airsoft Magazine

  • HA118 Pistol Airsoft Magazine – PRE ORDER

  • HA121 Magazine

  • HA123 Magazine

  • M292 Pistol Mag

  • P66 Airsoft Magazine

  • P698 Plus Small Mag

  • P698 Plush Large Mag

Airsoft pistol magazines can be a huge pain to source when there’s so many different variations. Here at JBBG we have a growing selection of quality mags for pro airsoft pistols as well as a large selection of low-end BB pistol magazines at incredibly low prices. Check out our range here to get a replacement or spare for your next skirmish.