Whether it’s a drop leg pistol holster or a hip belt holster this is the right place. Airsoft pistols that are a 1:1 scale will fit in any of the following pistol holsters and holster modular systems. Here at JBBG you will find airsoft pistol holsters from Bianchi, Fobus, 303, Blue Line, Blackhawk and Bulldog. Many of our moulded pistol holsters are designed for specific guns, whereas universal soft holsters are designed to fit most airsoft pistols.

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  • 303 Leg Holster

    black: in stock
    tan: in stock
  • CQC Serpa SIG P226 Holster

  • Fobus Beretta Holster

  • Fobus SIG 226 Holster

  • G19 BLD SET

  • G19 Holster BLD

  • Glock 17 Holster L

  • Glock 19 Holster R

  • Glock 26 Holster R

  • JBBG Leg Holster

    camo: out of stock
    green: in stock
  • Leg Platform BLD

  • Magazine Pouch BLD

  • Security Belt

  • Shoulder Holster D

  • Shoulder Holster O

  • T1 Leg Holster G

  • TX Shoulder

  • GB-08 Airsoft Pistol Holster

    black: in stock
    tan: in stock
    green: in stock