M56DL Pump Airsoft Shotgun
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This is the DE M3 (M56DL) Tactical Multi-Shot Triple Burst Airsoft Tactical Shotgun – Extended Length w/ Retractable Rear Stock.

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This is the DE M3 (M56DL) Tactical Multi-Shot Triple Burst Airsoft Tactical Shotgun – Extended Length w/ Retractable Rear Stock. This Airsoft Shotgun is manufactured by DE. One of the shotgun design from DE, featuring THREE barrels combined into one super-reinforced barrel to maximise power and tactical efficiency. Three BBs shootout after EVERY single pump, making this the fastest-shooting airsoft shotgun on the market. And after having it chrono’ed at 330+ FPS, we definitely are able to both vouch for and respect the massive power this triple-burst shotgun has. Perfect for indoor CQB and outdoor play, the Double Eagle M3 Multi-Shot shotgun is one of the most versatile shotguns you can purchase.

This is the extended extra-long version of the standard tactical shotgun and is consequently the biggest and baddest multi-shot shotgun w/ retractable stock in the entire lineup from Double Eagle. It most resembles the real extended-length M3 shotgun being used worldwide by Police and Military forces and has such a realistic and hefty feeling in the hand. The retractable stock enables you to choose the stock length that is most suitable for your unique shooting situation. Comes with one shotgun shell mag which holds up to 30 rounds, along with a handy BB speedloader to quickly load the shell.

In the box:
– Shotgun
– Manual
– Speed Loader
– Shell Magazine
– Shoulder Strap
– Unblocking / Cleaning Rod


91 reviews for M56DL Pump Airsoft Shotgun

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Giving this shotgun a perfect 5 and I believe it truly does deserve it for the cheap asking price!

    The terrific build quality and weight really surprised me right out of the box, and is heavy enough to feel weighty and and well-built whilst still being *just* light enough for zippy maneuverability.

    It has much better range than you would expect too, and can cause way more damage than you’d think at this price point!

    Very excited to run this monster in CQB in the future!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    william broughton

    Fantastic tri-shot shotgun, this thing as a good range and accuracy for such a cheap gun. build quality is decent but i wouldn’t throw it around too much as it is mostly plastic. I did find on mine that the stock and pistol grip is a little lose, but this can be fixed with a long allen key to tighten the stock pin. The adjustable stock is very comfortable and easy to get a sigh line down the sights. I did find that the pump action can be a bit stiff but once you get use to it’s no problem to rack the gun quickly. But it may not be suitable for the youngest of players. The whole gun is very light wight, allowing for quick snap shots. Overall this is a great gun for both CQB and field skirmishing due to its range, yet does take some practice to use this gun effectively.It’s awesome to shoot even for the most inexperienced player. I use mine as a back up when its too cold and wet for my AEG battery or if i just want something fun to shoot.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ellis Brown

    Absolutely awesome! This was my first proper shotgun and let me say it is perfect! The wood texture is great and in addition it is comfy with a sleek design. This thing pumps BB’s about 40 meters. Here is my ‘factfile’ for this gun.


    FPS – 330 (average)
    Range – 40m
    Design – 8/10
    Paint – 7/9
    Reliability – 9/10
    Fun – 10/10!

    If your wondering if you should buy this useful piece of kit, I’d say go for it!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    Worth it? Yes! It not only is a true shotgun (three pellets at once)but its a high quality build. The attractable stock works for me and my freinds and its comfy (a big part for any stock of mine). The only issues I have are A) Theres no side rail meaning I either have to buy a rig for it one not use a laser B) Sometimes the shells get a bit ‘fiddley’ to reload. Appart from that its a huge steal!

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