WE G33 Airsoft Pistol

WE G33 Airsoft Pistol

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WE G33 Airsoft Pistol


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The WE G-Series G33 is a semi-automatic gas powered airsoft pistol. The pistol is constructed using a lightweight but extremely durable polymer lower frame.

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The WE G-Series G33 is a semi-automatic gas powered airsoft pistol. The pistol is constructed using a lightweight but extremely durable polymer lower frame. The upper slide of the airsoft pistol is made from a metal alloy, making it extremely durable and giving the gas blowback system a real kick. The moulded pistol grip has a dotted texture to keep the pistol very secure in your hand. Magazines are Tokyo Marui compatible. The G33 has a number of features not found on other G-Series pistols, for example, the compensator and 20mm rail for attaching accessories.



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1 review for WE G33 Airsoft Pistol

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Delivery was next day – excellent service from JBBguns thank you.

    Took 20 years off me when it arrived as my wife rolled her eyes in disapproval. Once filled, loaded and shooting, her fathers time in the US army was showing as she wanted to try. She smacked a cluster of 3 around the bull from 6m single armed…. mmmmmm straight into an hour of competitive shooting. The big sticky target JBB sells is brilliant btw the rounds stick and stay.

    Does exactly what it says in the video – Impressive weapon to be treated with respect needs the same level of safety as for air and firearm !

    Never jams (unless you re-use .. yes dont re-use ammo)
    Very accurate even at a little more range (it does have a hop up btw)
    – i put 12 rounds one after the other in the center last night
    Solid construction, feels like the real deal having fired a glock – built to last
    The slide staying open on last round is very cool indeed !
    Easy to fill but take care you are at 90 degrees – take your time doing this.
    Spares available for all parts of the gub
    I love the glocks, very easy to remove slide & strip for cleaning/greasing – see below
    Packs a punch – i dont have an fps meter but i do have some healthy dents in a breadboard . It also destroyed the indestructible but cheap electric pop up target i bought from JBB 🙂
    Very little drop off in performance as you near empty. By the time you see a shot go
    too low the next shot is a phut – out of gas . This is excellent !

    1. Had a 2cm score through the blue paint on the top right edge behind the opening of the slide on delivery. The paint didnt have a good grip on the slide . Im probably going to paint it a nice red anyway.
    2. Magazine would not lock without a slap, after some inspection the bottom mag-collar needed a small ridge on its bottom (where it meets the bottom rim of the mag) removing with a sharp knife/wet and dry paper – snicks in like a snicky thing now. 2 second fix.
    3. Anything coming from the FE always needs a quick strip and re-grease (with oil/silicon + ptfe) if, like me you have a level of OCD on how the action feels. 15 minute job and WOW – it took something that was brilliant to again feeling like the real action. The slide is a big moving part so keep on top of cleaning and lubing it or, like any gun, you will have jams and reduce the life of it.
    4. May cause your wife/partner to start watching youtube videos about the structure of good marksmanship and getting the same score as you after an hours shooting.

    All in all, this was my first airsoft GBB and JBBguns website helped me understand what was what and what was needed.

    Very happy – thanks.
    Scott Wilson

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