DaGrecker Knockdown Targets Zombie
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DA GRECKER knockdown zombie targets from Germany.

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DA GRECKER targets from Germany.
These great quality printed paper zombie targets are designed to be knocked down.

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  1. Rated 3 out of 5


    Shooting targets is a good thing, getting your practice in on a calm afternoon, or right after a nice meal is always welcome and shooting at the right thing can be theraputic. On the list of “Things I would shoot if I saw it running towards me”, zombies are in second place, nipping at the heels of everyone that worked on the film open water… I hate that film.

    A good paper target will see you through, but sometimes it’s nice to shoot at something different, I bought 3 and just lined them up and took my shots, I only got 3 because I wanted to make sure they were okay first.

    The targets themselves are nice, quite novel designs that are less Romero and more campy and cartoonish, the art style isn’t really up my street, but hey, zombies are zombies are I’m okay with shooting them.

    The targets themselves are made of a decent material, they’re light and maybe 1/2cm thick, so I’d imagine a high powered gun might actually go through them though I used a 250FPS spring gun I like to practice with and the targets held their shape, this may be because the 3 & 6 target sets are actually different from the set of 50. Mine were some kind of plastic.

    The bases for the targets however are less impressive and are essentially resin that someone dragged a router along. The targets can sit in them well enough and I imagine that you’d need one massive wind to blow them over as the bases have a good weight to them, but they do feel cheap, the targets don’t click in, they just rest there and nothing holds them into place.

    A small saving grace is that they are easy to put away, you just take the target out of the rest and you’re laughing.

    Overall (and ignoring the art style as that’s down to personal taste), as far as novel little targets go, these are okay. You can do a lot worse than this, but I’d have to say that unless reasonably priced (about 50-75p a target as I bought 3 for £3.99) I’d look elsewhere.

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